The report goes on to detail the challenges, suggesting to us that with demographics in FL that the business looks to be extremely profitable with regard to medical so companies will do what it takes to access licenses

One company accused the state of nepotism, as four of the five nurseries selected for licenses have principals “who served on a rule-making committee,” according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

MJ Biz Write:

Then on Monday, 10 more challenges were filed, according to the Associated Press.

The three complaints from Friday all charge that the licensing process was flawed in various ways, and each of the three argue that they should have been the ones to receive licenses over their competitors.

At least one of the companies challenging the licenses, San Felasco Nurseries, is requesting that the entire process be paused until either the situation is resolved or until it is given the license in the northeast region of Florida (the five licenses were granted geographically, in five separate areas of the state).

It’s not clear yet whether the challenges will further delay the implementation of the CBD program, which has already been stalled several times. The challenges will first be heard by the Division of Administrative Hearings judges, according to the Orlando Sentinel. If they rule in the state’s favor, the plaintiffs can appeal the decision.