EU Parliament: ‘Legalisation of Personal Use of Cannabis: Exchange of Best Practices’.

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MEMBERS of the European Parliament have called for the continent’s regulators to clear a pathway for wholesale cannabis reform.

For the first time in its history the European Parliament held a debate on cannabis in a session called the ‘Legalisation of Personal Use of Cannabis: Exchange of Best Practices’.

The event had been co-sponsored by four of the seven main European political blocks representing almost 50% of the Parliament’s 705 elected members.

Held in the Brussels headquarters, it was chaired by Irish politician Luke Flanagan, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), who sent the following message to the European Union’s regulatory overlords the European Commission.

‘Get Out Of The Way’

“The importance of this gathering is not so much what we can get the European Commission to do, it’s more to see that they don’t get in the way and hinder this process.

“We don’t have competence over this area but it seems the Commission has the power to throw spanners in the spokes when countries try to do it.

“The best thing we can achieve is to make sure we all know what is being told to us by the Commission – and that this is consistent – so we all know exactly what is going on.

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