2020 Economic Turndown In Costa Rica Improves Chances For Hemp Legislation

Hemp Industry Daily reports that things are on the up for hemp legislation the country as tourism is decimated by Covid in 2020

They write

Costa Rica’s government and the public are embracing the idea that industrial hemp can be a much-needed economic driver if legalized, but the question of allowing marijuana for medical use has been a harder sell.

The last time Costa Rica lawmakers brought up a cannabis legalization measure for a vote was in 2016, but it was rejected by a coalition of conservative-religious, said Valeria Grant, a partner at the Arias law firm in the country.

Valeria Grant, Partner Arias law firm

The level of opposition is not the same this time, she said, although the proposal still has hurdles to clear.

The proposal from Deputy Zoila Rosa Volio would legalize hemp with up to 1% THC for industrial uses.

Zoila Rosa Volio Pacheco Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica representing Partido Integración Nacional, PIN (2018-2022). Specialist in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Diploma in International Arbitration, American University. Degree in Law, University La Salle. Graduated with Honors. Agronomical Engineer, University of Costa Rica. Graduated with Honor Mention in Phytotechnics.

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Amid slumping economy, hemp legalization in Costa Rica gains momentum


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Costa Rica seeks path to legalize medical marijuana

This situation could change if a bill promoted by the independent deputy Zoila Rosa Volio, which seeks to develop the hemp and medicinal cannabis industry in Costa Rica, is successful.

The legislator, an agronomist by training, saw in hemp and marijuana plants a crop with great economic potential for Costa Rican farmers, given the international demand they have.

The state export promotion body calculated that there is a market of $5.7 billion a year that, according to Volio, will multiply several times in the coming years due to the growing demand in countries with a pharmaceutical industry, such as Germany.

“It is a market of billions of dollars and Costa Rica could be part of it,” Volio told AFP.

Full report at  https://ticotimes.net/2020/12/08/costa-rica-seeks-path-to-legalize-medical-marijuana

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