The deadline Feb. 29 is fast approaching and every dispensary in the state is ­required to pay a 25 ­percent sales tax on all recreational marijuana sales made in the month of January.

The Register Guard reports…

But as the first tax payment becomes due, only 245 of the 320 ­dispensaries in Oregon selling recreational marijuana had set up required tax ­accounts with the state ­Department of Revenue as of this past Thursday.

Also as of Thursday, only 38 had remitted the taxes collected for ­January — 31 by appointment and seven by mail, according to ­Oregon Department of ­Revenue spokeswoman Joy Krawczyk. Another 60 have made appointments scheduled through the end of the month, she said.

Those who fail to pay the tax on time will face late-payment fees.

The department sent out letters to all recreational marijuana dispensaries listed by the Oregon Health ­Authority, reminding them that the tax was coming due, about a month ago.

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