Cannabis is enjoying a new era of legislative acceptance in several countries and nations around the world. Consequently, it’s very common nowadays to hear someone recommending cannabis products for the treatment of chronic conditions – physical or mental.

Usually, the first of many questions to come to mind is, “Is cannabis legal in my state?” You need to consider different factors to find an answer to this question. This answer, in turn, determines how you use cannabis, especially for its health benefits. This is because the psychoactive part of marijuana that causes the familiar high feeling naturally occurs in varying quantities in different strains of marijuana plants.

 Hence, if you find yourself in a state that hasn’t legalized weed and you want to use cannabis without feeling high, cannabidiol (CBD) offers several health benefits as well.

Continue reading to learn answers to some of the questions surrounding cannabis, CBD, and their health benefits for people living with anxiety and depression.

What is Cannabidiol?

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Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is an extract and one of the many chemical compounds naturally occurring in the marijuana plant. Unlike the usual high in marijuana products like Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD doesn’t cause any kind of intoxication.

CBD oil and gummies are some of the edible products made using cannabidiol. The oil can be added to food or used as table oil for cooking. Others take a few drops of it for medicinal purposes. Despite their increasing use and the evidence to support its benefits, research on the effects of CBD is still in the early stages.

CBD and Anxiety

As far as research on marijuana use goes, there are still a lot of specific case studies needed to back its use. However, individual observations and reports indicate that persons dealing with anxiety benefit from cannabis usage. Yet, some records also show most of the observations of cannabis use and anxiety lack scientific proof.

The common mistake people make is they only consider general research regarding the medical benefits of marijuana. These types of broad studies omit the specific pros and cons of CBD use. Hence, It is necessary to look at specific case studies of CBD oil and anxiety if you plan to use it to treat anxiety. Check out for more details.

For instance, a minor study conducted in 2010 revealed that CBD could help minimize the anxiety symptoms for patients with social anxiety disorder (SAD). In this study, participants’ brains were scanned, and according to reports, blood flow to areas of the brain associated with anxiety registered changes.

From these scans, CBD not only influenced the feelings of participants positively but also modified how their brains reacted to feelings of anxiety. So, reports so far look promising. Until proven otherwise, here are three amazing benefits of CBD for people who are trying to manage anxiety.

3 Amazing Ways Cannabis Helps With Anxiety

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CBD Oil For Better Sleep

According to Jessie Gill, a well-known cannabis advocate, and registered nurse, inhaling vaporized CBD oil via her vaping pen helps her manage anxiety effectively. Many people do not know it, but vaping is perhaps the fastest way to feel the full impact of CBD. Hence, using it for acute anxiety produces the best effects.

According to the professional nurse, she vapes a small quantity after waking up and also at night. In fact, this helps with the bedtime routine, ensures a good night’s sleep, and helps reduce the stress and anxiety associated with hectic work schedules.

There are other methods of introducing CBD oil into the body. However, it’s essential to ensure you only buy safe and effective CBD pills irrespective of your location.

Ward Off Feelings of Anxiety

Apart from oils, oral sprays are also increasing in demand among consumers. Some take the oils sublingually by adding drops below their tongue. The cannabidiol gets absorbed into the body through minute capillaries located in the mucous membranes under the tongue. This allows CBD to get straight into the bloodstream.

Apart from vaping, as mentioned above, this has a quick effect on controlling and relieving symptoms and anxiety. So when the mind begins to race and everything feels like it’s out of control, you can reach for your oral spray or CBD oil for a quick solution.

Aside from this, anytime you feel the dread of chronic pain or feelings of anxiousness gets out of control, these products can help. Depending on the level of anxiety and pain, you may need to vary the dosage of cannabis to get the desired effects.

However, you’ll need to talk to an expert or professional to determine the best dosage and frequency, whether you’ll need to take daily or only when symptoms of anxiety become unbearable.


Lighten the Mood With Edibles

In another study on cannabidiol performed in 2016, researchers examined a child with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a sleep disorder due to anxiety. It became clear that CBD affected the child’s mood by minimizing anxiety and improving her sleep.

For some, bringing out an oil dropper in public may draw too much attention, especially when the aim is anxiety relief. However, no one will mind you popping candy into your mouth.

In this regard, edibles such as CBD gummies can come in different forms and ingredients and offer a wide range of flavors and colors for those who prefer this option. They are also ideal because they eliminate the guesswork required to ascertain the required dosage.

Beau Schmitt, a restauranteur, located in San Diego, confirmed using gummies to help control symptoms of anxiety. According to Schmitt, he takes no more than two or three in the morning and repeats the same dosage before going to bed. They help him sleep tight and have an anxiety-free day.



It’s undeniable that cannabis products have positive effects on feelings of anxiety in many people. Nevertheless, many CBD products are yet to receive formal approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This implies that you’re likely to find different levels of purity and concentration depending on the brand you choose. Therefore, it’s crucial you only buy from vendors and sources you can trust. Finally, remember to consult your doctor before prolonged use of CBD oil or medicinal marijuana products for their health benefits.