3 Different Careers CBD May Help In?

The use of CBD has gained popularity due to its alleged health benefits that include pain relief and help with depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Though the use of CBD may still be considered controversial by many, it has been legally approved by the FDA as long as the CBD product contains .03% or less of THC.  

CBD is a type of chemical compound called a cannabinoid, which are compounds derived from cannabis plants. THC is also a cannabinoid and is the compound responsible for the ‘high’ associated with marijuana use. CBD, on the other hand, causes no high, but it does have several potential health benefits.

Due to the purported healing properties of CBD, it has gained popularity amongst many, and members of several professions that are physically-active have begun utilizing CBD products in their care routines. This article discusses three different careers in which CBD products have grown increasingly popular:


  •  Military  

Anecdotal reports about CBD state that it may provide relief from anxiety and depression, and reduction in pain and inflammation. Considering these alleged benefits, CBD use in the military may potentially be beneficial for active-member military and veterans.

When it comes to active military, the most important thing for them is to recover immediately from any injury and return to the battlefield as soon as possible. This is where the possible benefits of CBD come into play.  

Active-military members are always physically active. This puts their bodies under a lot of stress, leading to constant aches and pains. Since CBD is thought to potentially alleviate chronic pain and act as a relaxant, it may help them physically relax and recover more quickly. 

However, due to the grey area surrounding the rules and regulations on CBD consumption, the use of CBD has been banned in the US for active military members. However, it can be used for medical purposes when prescribed by a doctor.  


  • Sports  

The use of CBD is increasingly becoming popular in the sports world. Due to its alleged healing properties, CBD is taken by athletes to possibly improve their performance. Since CBD is thought to potentially strengthen the immune system, athletes take CBD with the goal of making their bodies more resistant to infection and injury.  

Intense training and exercise routines during competitions can lead athletes to experience stress and anxiety. The use of CBD may help to alleviate stress and anxiety, which would allow them to continue their training without additional stress.

The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties of CBD may also help athletes recover quickly from injury. CBD-infused creams, ointments, or lotions are thought to be especially useful for alleviating pain during recovery.  



  • Dance  

Though dance is a beautiful art form, it can be physically strenuous. Professional dancers often practice or perform more than eight hours a day. This can cause a lot of stress to the body and lead to aches and pains.  

However, a professional artist needs to keep their body healthy, and they try to recover quickly from aches and pains. Thus, dancers have begun using CBD products in an attempt to alleviate aches and pains due to its alleged anti-inflammatory properties. 

CBD is also beneficial for dancers with performance anxiety. CBD is thought to calm the nervous system, and anecdotes from consumers state they experience a reduction of anxiety. Thus, the use of CBD may potentially help to manage nervousness on stage. 

CBD is also thought by consumers to inhibit pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. This is important for dancers as unchecked arthritis can be a career-ending disease for dancers. CBD can be used in several ways, like tinctures, edibles, or applied topically.



CBD has gained popularity for the many health benefits it offers. The alleged health benefits of CBD range from reduction of inflammation, help with anxiety and depression, and alleviation of chronic pain. Some studies have suggested that CBD can also help cancer treatment and cancer patients deal with the adverse side effects of chemotherapy, but more research is necessary in order to find any conclusive evidence. 

Though the FDA has not yet ruled CBD as a medication and instead treats it as a supplement and other, more conclusive research is still pending, CBD has still gained popularity in career fields like military, sports, and dancing. 

Since these careers focus on immense physical activity, CBD may help to alleviate pain, relax the nervous system, and boost the immune system, thereby leading to a quick recovery and a healthy, energized body.  


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