3 Health Conditions CBD May Be Able to Help Treat

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural chemical compound that can be extracted from cannabis plants, such as hemp and marijauna. On its own, CBD can be extracted in a way that contains little to no THC, which is the psychoactive element of marijuana that makes you feel high.

CBD has grown exponentially in popularity over the past decade, as new and exciting research has emerged to show all the benefits for our health and well-being. It is mainly used now as a supplement that anyone can get online or in a regular dispensary. However, newer research is starting to show the potential for CBD as its own medical treatment for a few significant health conditions.



#1) Cancer

There are many types of cancer that will affect the lives of millions of people every year. It is a devastating disease on its own, especially since the only treatments typically require aggressive chemotherapy or surgery. Those treatments can exact their own toll on the body as well.

CBD is already recommended as a supplement for people who have cancer, as a way to treat some of the symptoms of the condition, plus the side effects of treatments. It can reduce pain, improve your mental health, and help you get better sleep. However, some lab tests and animal trials are showing that CBD may actually be able to help cancer treatments by killing cancer cells. It will never likely be a stand-alone treatment, but could help improve the overall treatment for cancer patients.

#2) Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological condition that is a specific form of dementia, which is characterized by memory loss. First, it is just mild memory issues and eventually prevents the person from even holding a conversation or being able to recognize their environment. There is no cure, and only gets worse over time.

Treatments for Alzheimer’s are mainly concerned with slowing the progression and maintaining quality of life for as long as possible. There have been test-tube studies in labs as well as long-term animal trials that show the potential of CBD to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. It appears to be able to decrease inflammation and prevent the degeneration of the brain.

#3) Diabetes

An estimated 10% of the population in America has some kind of diabetes, including those who are undiagnosed. It is a condition where your body is unable to process sugar, or glucose, to use as energy like human bodies should. As a result, people with untreated diabetes will experience extreme fatigue, blurry vision and blindness, painful sores, and urinary infections. It can also lead to a shortened lifespan due to increased risk of heart disease, dementia, and more.

There is no cure for diabetes, but with proper treatment people can manage the condition to make sure their blood sugar levels remain normal. However, they will still be at a greater risk for contracting more serious health issues. This is where CBD may be able to help. One study into the effects of CBD in mice with diabetes found it was able to reduce heart damage. Another trial using diabetes mice found it was able to prevent them from developing diabetes by 56%, and also significantly reduced inflammation associated with the condition.

Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes are three of the more common and serious health conditions that will collectively affect tens of millions of people. Cures are difficult if not impossible, and lead to a significant decline in quality of life and lifespan if not treated properly. This is true to varying extents, depending on how aggressive the condition is. While there has yet to be any full-scale research and clinical trials on humans, the early results of recent research has shown that there is exciting potential to get bulk CBD isolate for sale to help manage your condition better than ever before.

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