3 Ways to Market and Grow Your Cannabis Business

So, you’ve decided to get into the cannabis business. Smart move! With more and more states legalizing the herb, and many calling for its legalization at the federal level, there’s never been a better time to invest in commercial cannabis.

The question many first-time cannabis startups often ask themselves, however, is how best to market and grow their business. With so much competition in this newly-booming industry, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the pack. Today, we’re diving into what you need to know about marketing cannabis products, growing your business, and gaining brand recognition.

Expand your product base

In the old days, pretty much the only way to make use of cannabis was by smoking herb from a rolled joint, a pipe, or a bong. In the past decade or so, however, the options for imbibing cannabis have exploded, and now there are tons of innovative and interesting ways to make use of the sacred leaf.

If your cannabis business is currently restricted to selling flower, you might not be making the full scope of profits available to you. Consider expanding your collection to include some of the following exciting, options:

  • Edibles: Edible cannabis is one of the easiest ways to partake, as it does not require smoking or inhalation of any kind (well, unless you practically inhale the whole bag of mouthwatering cannabis cookies). Whether it’s brownies, mints, or gummies – CBDfx gummies are delicious, for instance – edibles should certainly be on your radar.
  • Vaping: Some cannabis consumers like controlling their dosage by choosing to inhale the herb, but combusting and smoking weed can be taxing on their lungs and throat. Instead, vaping provides a smoother, cleaner feeling while still delivering cannabis in a way that’s much easier to inhale.
  • Oils and tinctures: For those who want the purest cannabis essence, oils and tinctures can be a great way to consume marijuana. Oils and tinctures are especially great ways to consume CBD – THC’s more mellow, low-key cousin chemical – as rubbing CBD oil on sore joints or a stiff neck is a great way to relieve pain.

Once you’re fully stocked with a wide variety of cannabis-based goodies, it’s time to think about how you’ll go about building your brand and expanding recognition.

Find your branding niche

The next step to take is finding the niche that best suits you and your brand. As cannabis businesses grow and multiply, setting yourself apart through clever branding, a signature image, and unique appeal is necessary to ensure that you reach and engage the customer base who will want to purchase your products.

If you operate a storefront where you sell your cannabis products, one option you have is to choose interior décor that speaks to your unique style. Do you want to opt for a slick, clean, minimalist look attractive to urban-living young professionals looking to relax? Or is your shop geared more toward OG cannabis enthusiasts who prefer a grungier, more down-to-earth look? Many cannabis shops also opt for a health-centric appearance, focusing instead in their branding on the health benefits of THC and CBD



It may also be worthwhile to expand your brand outside the limits of a storefront. For instance, many shops also offer delivery services to cannabis shoppers in their area. You might consider decking out your delivery car or bike with marijuana merch to help sell your brand and grow recognition in your community – services like Carvertise make this even easier.

However you decide to grow your brand, having a consistent appearance and recognizable logo is always a priority. This will put you in the forefront of consumers’ minds when they think about where they plan on getting their next refill.

Take advantage of social media

Lastly, you can’t pass up the opportunity to advertise through social media. Social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will bring your brand to a much wider sampling of possible customers. You have a few options when using social media marketing:

  • Take out paid ads that algorithmically target possible customers with info on your business. Innovative apps like Later.com make it easier and more effective than ever to use paid ads.
  • Work with influencers who will use your merchandise in an appealing way and organically influence their followers to purchase it too.
  • Produce your own in-house content, like blog posts and fun, informational videos.

Growing your cannabis business may seem challenging, but with the right tools and strategies, you will gain the recognition you need to succeed in this newly booming industry.

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