31 October: More Fines Handed Out By Australia’s TGA To Medicinal Cannabis Companies For “unlawful advertising”

May we humbly suggest that this is an endemic issue in the so called “medical cannabis” sector in Australia and if these companies can afford to pay these fines so easily that gives you an indication of the sort of money that these outfits had been making during the Morrison government where we’d suggest that oversight was deliberately vague.

We applaud the TGA for enforcing the rules but in the end, as we have been saying here at CLR for years, there will only be reality in the “medical cannabis sector” when there is sensible adult use regulation in Australia


Here’s the press release

Two medicinal cannabis clinics fined $239,760 for alleged unlawful advertising

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued infringement notices totalling $239,760 to two companies running medicinal cannabis clinics, Australian Institute of Medicinal Cannabis Pty Ltd (8 notices, $106,560) and Biologics Research Institute Australia Pty Ltd (10 notices, $133,200) for the alleged unlawful advertising of medicinal cannabis products on their websites and social media platforms.

The companies allegedly promoted the use of unregistered prescription-only medicinal cannabis products. TGA further alleges that the advertising included unapproved references to serious diseases or conditions, including cancer and epilepsy. Some advertising also allegedly suggested or implied that particular medicinal cannabis products were recommended or approved by a government authority.

Prescription-only medicines cannot be advertised to consumers in Australia as it undermines the doctor-patient relationship and may create an inappropriate demand for particular medicines which may not be right for the individual. Businesses can advertise prescription-only medicines exclusively to health professionals as long as those advertisements are not accessible to the public.

This regulatory action follows infringement notices issued to three other companies, also for the alleged unlawful advertising of medicinal cannabis.

Ensuring compliance with the import, advertising and supply requirements of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 in relation to medicinal cannabis is a compliance priority for the TGA.


And as they say in the ads.. But wait there’s more

West Australian health practitioner fined $13,320 for alleged unlawful advertising of medicinal cannabis



Let’s not forget that on the 27th of September the TGA issued this press release

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