Days, when smoking marijuana was the favorite type of consumption of weed, are long gone. Nowadays, people go crazy about edibles. There are many reasons for this change, but the majority of people openly admit – they don’t like the smoke, and edibles are not only more convenient to consume, but also tasty. Just take a look at the variety of available products – everybody can find something that will suit their needs. However, according to the cannabis dispensary Las Vegas, nowadays, people prefer to make their own edibles, instead of buying them. If you like cooking just as much as you like weed, try to mix things that you love. If you don’t know how to make marijuana edibles, this article will help you.


What you need to know

You might have heard that cannabis edibles take longer to make you high. It’s true. Every other form of consuming marijuana that you might have already tried, for example, oils, vaping, smoking, etc. is absorbed fast. Edibles work differently. Your body absorbs them slower; they last longer, and also they provide a more relaxing experience. It happens because edibles will go through your liver first, unlike the other forms of marijuana, which usually go straight to the brain (for example, smoking and vaping). When edibles are in your liver, they are metabolized from delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy-THC. It’s the reason why edibles make you higher than the other forms of marijuana. You will have to wait a little longer for effect, so if you are new to weed edibles, make sure not to go crazy if you don’t know your limits.


What is decarboxylation, and why should you do it?

Before you start making edibles, there is one more thing that you have to remember – all weed edibles have to be decarboxylated. You have to cook them for about an hour at 220 Fahrenheit degrees. If you skip this process, consuming weed this way won’t bring any effects. And now, that we covered everything you have to know, it’s time to learn how to make cannabis edibles. Let’s start!



It’s the first edible, which you can add to many other recipes as well. Here’s how you can make it:

  • Melt butter, but add a little water so it won’t be burned
  • Add decarboxylated marijuana and simmer for two and a half hours
  • Strain the butter into a jar or other container
  • Refrigerate it


Cannabis oil

Just like cannabutter, it is a great foundation for other recipes. It tastes fantastic when combined with salads. Here is how you can prepare it:

  • Mix your decarboxylated bud with two cups of oil
  • Heat it for a minimum of six hours, but avoid boiling
  • If there’s a risk of burning add some water
  • Strain the oil from marijuana clump


Cannabis tea

When you feel the autumn nostalgia, and the weather becomes dull, cold, and depressing, cannabis tea is what will make you happier and more optimistic. In order to make it follow these steps:

  • Get your favorite tea, and brew it up
  • Add a teaspoon of cannabutter which you previously made, and any other ingredient that you usually add (milk, honey, sugar, lemon)

And it’s ready. It will taste just as good as it usually does, but on top of that, you will get this desired effect of being high.


Weed Ice Cream

While cannabis tea is perfect for cold, dark autumn evenings, marijuana ice cream is just the opposite of it. When the sun is intense, and you wish that the heats are finally gone, ice cream edibles are there to save you. It’s a sweet and refreshing snack, and you will surely love it. Also, it’s easy to make it; just do the following:

  • Melt heavy cream at medium temperature
  • Melt the cannabutter which you previously made, and add sugar to it
  • Mix them
  • Add flavor that you like the most (it can be anything you want, for example, fruits, chocolate, nuts, etc.)
  • Leave it in the refrigerator for the night
  • Consume and enjoy it


Marijuana bacon

Is bacon the only thing that you love more than marijuana? If the answer is yes, there is some good news for you. You can mix these two things, and enjoy the edible of your dreams. Just do the following:

  • Sprinkle all the bacon slices with decarboxylated marijuana clump
  • Bake at 275 Fahrenheit degrees for around ten minutes
  • Flip and sprinkle the other side
  • Repeat and enjoy

These five marijuana edibles are easy to make, even if you don’t have much experience in the kitchen. They don’t require much effort to make, and you can prepare them relatively quickly. Cannabis butter and marijuana oil are perfect to use with other dishes, so feel free to experiment and be creative. When it comes to cannabis ice cream, tea, and bacon, you will love how they taste, and what effect they do cause. If you feel inspired by these five simple edible recipes, make sure to look for more. There’s much more to be explored!