5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When Using CBD for Your Pets

Before you start worrying about CBD oil being harmful to animals, let us assure you that the vast majority of animals can process it just fine.


Since we got that out of the way, let’s talk about CBD oil for pets. The reason why most animals can use CBD oil is the fact that most of them have an endocannabinoid system. This means that their nervous system can reap the same benefits as the human nervous system does.

Ok, great, but what else should I consider to do it safely? Well, we’re glad you asked. We’re going to go through five different rookie mistakes that users make when giving CBD to pets for the first time.

1. Not considering the THC level.

While you, as a human, can get an exciting buzz from THC, your pet might not be capable of doing the same. This is why it is recommended that you use hemp-derived, THC-free, CBD oil for your pet.

It is not uncommon for a pet to end up at the vet as their owner didn’t notice the THC content in the product. THC isn’t inherently bad for pets and can be beneficial in small, very controlled doses when treating certain conditions. However, regular use is not recommended, and you should pay attention to the labeling before you decide to give it to your pet.

If your CBD oil contains 0.3 percent THC or less, giving it to your pet is fine unless it’s a tiny animal. This leads us to our next issue.

2. Not sticking to the proper dosage

Most experienced CBD users will believe that they are skilled enough to calculate the right dosage for their pets, and, in most cases, they are. It is not all that difficult to do.

Still, as many users tend to give pets human-intended variants of CBD oil, this may lead to some issues, primarily if they rely on the instructions provided on the labeling.

The right dosage for animals is 0.2 to 0.8 mg per kilogram of body mass twice a day. The dosage will depend on the condition you are trying to treat with your pet, but just to be safe, start the dosage on the lower end of the spectrum.

The right dosage and seeing if any substances listed on the labeling on the packaging harm your pet are the essentials of safety for pet CBD treatment.

1. Not correctly feeding CBD to your pet

In its original form, CBD oil doesn’t taste good – to pets and their owners. It has an earthy and bitter taste, which is why manufacturers usually add some taste additive to make it more palatable.

Keep in mind that some human intended CBD oils may have aromas and taste additives that are harmful to your pet, so make sure that you check what’s what before you give it to them.

Furthermore, you can always mask the taste of bland CBD oil by adding it to foods and beverages with a stronger but more pleasant taste.

Finally, you can also go for specialized treats and other forms of pet intended CBD to make it easier for your pet to consume it.

2. Not being consistent

CBD is not magic, and if you intend to use it as medicine for your pet, you have to stick to the program. Giving your pet a dose today then forgetting to give them the next one, then skipping a day, won’t help. Consistency is the key.

Another common mistake related to consistency is using the product for a week, not seeing any effects, and dropping the whole thing. Like with any medicine, the idea is to go through the proposed therapy and the time when the benefits kick in depends on the condition of the pet, its size, and many other factors.

3. Buying products without proper labeling!

Your CBD oil should list out the ingredients that the mixture contains. That’s the only way you can know if the bottle contains something that can harm your pet. Since we are talking about CBD’s general use for pets, each animal has tolerances and intolerances specific to their species.

Do your research before you buy and check the labeling to cross-reference for dangerous ingredients. If you don’t find any, it is safe to give your pet the proposed dosage.

Well, these are the basics. Make sure you consult a vet before treating your pet with CBD, especially if your pet already takes prescribed medication. Other than that, you should be safe to help your animal friend overcome the ailment that’s bothering it.

Good luck to both of you!


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