5 Tips For Choosing The Right Cannabis Strains

Strains of cannabis come and ago. There are strains of marijuana that shoot up to popularity overnight until everybody loses interest the next time. Their time in the limelight is easy yet ephemeral. But there are strains of marijuana that are really underrated. Despite their nice qualities, many of these plants are overlooked and remained unknown.

Any strain of marijuana can be trendy and popular. However, it takes a very special kind understanding of what you really need as a grower for you to discriminate against the one-time big-time type of strains from the true gems of plants.

As a grower, fad and trend are the least of your concerns. There are many aspects and factors to take into consideration when choosing the right strains of marijuana to cultivate and grow in your garden. You need to have a very discerning pair of eyes to understand which ones are there for the long term and which ones will be gone in one season.

So how exactly do you choose the right strains of cannabis for your garden? Here are the 5 best tips for choosing the right marijuana strain for your garden.


If you are one of those people with huge swaths of land that can be converted as a plantation for marijuana, this is not for you. But for the last remaining 99% like us who do not own such expansive land, then you need to seriously consider the overall area and the ceiling of your garden. There are strains of marijuana that grow upward, taking up so much horizontal space from your garden. Other marijuana plants grow up to more than the tallest basketball players, and this may pose a problem in terms of the actual size of your ceiling if you are trying to take care of these plants regularly.

If you have a very minimal-sized indoor garden, you need to look for strains of marijuana that can easily in smaller space yet yield the same or almost the same amount of harvestable leaves and buds. Strains that are small can grow easily in tents or in greenhouses. Indoor cultivation of marijuana will limit the space where the plant can go, and thus, it is very important to know which strains of cannabis to use.

A good strain that can fit in a smaller space is the Tutankhamon. It is a Sativa type of strain. It is quite a compact plant. As a seedling, the small size of this plant is not very apparent. But once it matures in 15 days, the size of this plant will be more noticeable. Another great thing about this strain is the fact that even though it tends to grow a lot of side branches, the branches stretch upward and not horizontally. So you are able to save more space and you can plant more. The Royal Cookies is another important strain of cannabis that is perfect for smaller space. This is a very popular strain of cannabis that many indoor growers in Europe cultivate. It can withstand colder temperatures than most strains of cannabis. Not to mention it is quite tiny.


Let us face it, not all states and territories are marijuana friendly. The legalization of marijuana is not yet possible in many countries around the world. At worst, we may advice you to just not risk it. In some countries, the possession of one joint would even cost you your life. However, for people who are in places where marijuana is illegal but is tolerated, it is best to avoid being seen by growing your plants discreetly. This means that you have no choice but to cultivate your crops indoors.

When growing marijuana discreetly, you need to look for strains that are small. This is more important if you plan to use a grow box. Planting marijuana in a grow box excessively limits the plant’s space. In order to successfully farm a marijuana crop indoors and in tight space, make sure to choose the strains that have weak cannabis smell. Dogs can find your marijuana if it has a strong smell. Among the small but not so smelly strains of cannabis include the Northern Lights and Amnesia Haze Automatic.


There is such thing as auto-flowering strains of cannabis. Whether you are a beginner, a hobbyist, or a professional grower of marijuana, it is important that you know the auto-flowering strains of marijuana. These strains are not sensitive to the changes in the duration and intensity of light. If you are growing indoors, the intensity and duration that your lights are turned on are constant. But once you plant outside, there are many things that affect the length of day – especially the seasons. However, sometimes, your plants are covered by various elements in the house. Normally, this could affect the flowering of your crops. This is why auto-flowering strains are great because they can bloom with or without constant access to sunlight. The Royal Haze Automatic, Royal Critical Automatic and Sweet Skunk Automatic well-known auto-flowering strains of marijuana.


Of course, you can always plant all strains of marijuana that you like. But it is important that you know the effects of individual strain on people. Indica dominant strains of marijuana are being cultivated for their medicinal purposes. Sativa dominant plants are known among recreational users. However, this fact does not hold true always. When planting a new seedling, make sure to research on what strains of cannabis that your clients and stakeholders will require. Visit here to get more information about the different strains of both sativa and indica plants.


Your knowledge about the different strains of cannabis is undeniable. However, for many people who have no expertise in marijuana, they may fall victim to some unscrupulous scammers. The information that you get about the seedlings that you are buying is based on the listed data published by seed banks. If you are going to buy from some fly by night type of seed bank, this could be a huge problem. Many growers, especially beginners, may have difficulty with ensuring the veracity of claims made by some seed banks. If that is the case with you, please be vigilant and look out for reputable and trustworthy seed banks. Once you find the right seed bank, talk to the customer service and ask for advice.

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