There is no getting away from the fact that global warming is having an effect on the planet and we aren’t doing much to help that fact. In recent years it certainly appears to be getting better and with the introduction of COVID-19, the planet is making enormous steps to heal itself due to the fact humans can’t go about their daily lives. Let’s not waste any more time in trying to help the world in which we live, there are so many things we can do to help with global warming, our planet, and the nature that resides here. Here are 6 novel ways you can help the environment. 



Get On Your Bike 

The vast majority of people will own a car and that’s usually because we need them to get around and complete chores. In many places, it takes a while to get anywhere due to the fact there is so much space between towns and places of interest. However, there is an awful lot of people that live within a city and drive everywhere which is a huge concern to not only our health but the health of our planet too. One of the best things you can do, for both of these situations, is to leave the car at home unless you’re going on a long journey and replace it with a bicycle. Getting on your bike will lower your carbon footprint, lower the emissions being released into the air, and it will help with your own personal health and fitness. 

Grown Your Own Food 

Something not many people know is the carbon footprint that is on all of our fruits and vegetables that we buy from the supermarket. We expect fruit and veg all year round no matter what the weather or season and that’s difficult to uphold when you are a local farmer and certain crops only grow in certain climates. For this reason, many products are flown in from other countries to keep up with demand, and whilst this is good for our taste buds, it’s shocking for the environment. The best thing we can do is to grow our own veg and with the addition of technology, we can do that all year round. For more information on the technology available for growing crops take a look at this website, using LED lights to fuel your plants is a cost-effective, energy-efficient way of growing crops all year round. You get your food and the planet stays healthy. 

Create Compost 

When we cook, there are often leftovers from things like vegetables, fruits, and even eggshells. These are mostly thrown away into the bin and forgotten about but there are other things we can do with them. Put all your food leftovers in a food bin and start creating your own compost pile that you can use in your vegetable patch or help your garden grow. It really is very simple and consists of two steps. Put waste in a different bin, not the trashcan. Throw food waste into the compost pile. That is literally it, and you’ll be saving more than you know. 


This motion was introduced years ago and it caused a fuss, to begin with, people weren’t sure what was going on and where to put their waste but over time things have settled down. More and more products are available to recycle so keep checking the packets and seeing if you can recycle. The more we can re-use the better planet will be. Using unrecyclable plastic is causing incredible harm to our home so we should be doing as much as we can to stop it.



Reduce Your Meat Consumption 

If you’re a true advocate of nature and the planet then stopping eating meat altogether is the best way to help the environment but I also understand that people aren’t willing to do that. Did you know that if everyone halved their meat consumption it would do more for the environment than if everyone stopped driving? Amazing, huh. The environmental cost of farming animals is enormous and on top of everything else, eating large quantities of meat really isn’t good for us. Do yourself and the planet a favor, reduce your intake. 

Plastic Bags 

In the UK a charge was introduced for every plastic bag used in supermarkets, the charge was only 5 pennies but it reduced the number of bags being used by 80%. Bringing your own shopping bags to the supermarket will reduce the need for more to be produced. Plastic bags end up everywhere and they’re killing animals and polluting our planet. Bring your own! 

We should all be doing more to help the environment, whether it’s turning the tap off when we are brushing our teeth or actively cleaning up plastic waste on the beaches. Everyone can do something and it’s a problem that’s only going to get worse as time moves forward if we don’t act now. Do something for your planet and start with one of these 6 points, today.