7 Benefits of CBD That Will Make Your Pet Feel Happy Again

A canine companion is the best and the most loyal company a man can have. Your pet dog adds immense joy to your life. Why not give some of the same happiness back to your buddy? CBD for dogs can help boost your pet’s health, making its life a million times better than before. 

CBD has been recognized as one of the most important and beneficial alternative therapies. Be it low mood, travel anxiety, low appetite, uncontrolled muscle activity, chronic pain or allergies, leave it to CBD to alleviate your pup’s symptoms and make it feel happy and content. Read on to find out the benefits of CBD for you furry little friend. 

Alleviates Pain

Chronic pain of any origin can leave your pet feeling low and anxious. CBD is Mother Nature’s all-purpose solution for chronic painful conditions. Be it muscular pain, abdominal pain or joint pain, CBD exerts potent analgesic effect on the body via the endocannabinoid system. CBD can, thus, greatly improve the quality of your pet’s life by tending to the pains and aches. 

Lessens Inflammation 

CBD acts on the body by interacting with 2 kinds of endocannabinoid receptors-CB1 and CB2. Through its action on these receptors, it downregulates the production of mediators of inflammation in the body and, therefore, helps resolve inflammation. CBD is especially helpful for combating joint and gut inflammation, both of which significantly affect your dog’s performance and functioning. 

Boosts Appetite

Have you been struggling to feed your dog lately? Has depressed mood taken away your big bud’s appetite? CBD stimulates the hunger center located in the hypothalamus of your pet’s brain while suppressing the satiety center at the same time to improve appetite. 

CBD also improves the digestion and optimizes the metabolism, which also has a positive effect on appetite. Nausea and vomiting are another significant reason for aversion to food. CBD significantly lessens nausea and vomiting and, therefore, helps boost appetite. A few doses of CBD and you’ll already notice your pet gobbling up food more happily than ever before. 

Strengthen Immunity

CB2 endocannabinoid receptors located in mammalian bodies have been shown to be intricately linked with body’s immune system. By interacting with these receptors, CBD helps fortify body’s immunity. Your dog is, thus, better able to ward off infections and diseases, even malignancies. Supplementing your dog’s diet with CBD is one of the best way to boost its immunity and promote overall health. 

Regulates Uncontrolled Muscle Activity

CB1 receptors located in specific brain areas interact with CBD to regulate brain’s neuronal activity. This regulatory control is very significant in controlling neuromuscular activity of your dog. This is one of the most important effects of CBD which initially brought it into the spotlight. 

CBD can help control a wide array of neuromuscular problems in dogs, from simple muscle twitches to uncontrollable shaking. It is known to be beneficial than most of the medicines given for the same purpose (always consult your vet, though, before administering CBD to your dog) and can make your pup’s life easier than ever before. 

Reduces Anxiety

If your canine companion seems unduly stressed out, is quite irritable and barks all the time, CBD can help reduce anxiety. CBD is known to exert a calming effect on the mind and body, which helps placate your dog. A dose of CBD before any stressful activity your dog is not particularly fond of (a bath or a car ride, for instance) can make your buddy’s life (as well as yours) easier and happier. 

Enhances Joint Flexibility and Mobility

It goes without saying that an active dog is a happy dog. CBD keeps them that way by maintaining joint stability, enhancing flexibility and strengthening muscle mass and joint structures, which are the key to active mobility in dogs. This property is extremely important for senior dogs in which age-related joint changes leave them debilitated. CBD for dogs is, therefore, imperative for keep them active, agile and happily bounding away.

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