7 Essential CBD Skin Care Products for Summer

Summer means mangoes, watermelons, bikinis, beaches, and summer skin care. As the warmer weather sets in, it’s the time to get your skin care routine geared up for the season. Preparing a flawless regimen will help you avoid sunburns and damage from dirt, dust, or dry skin through the bright weather.

What’s CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabis compound or cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants. This cannabinoid is thought to provide health effects, including pain and stress relief. 

For this reason, many health and beauty companies manufacture products containing CBD. Examples include CBD skin care products, like lotions, creams, salves, and balms. CBD-infused lotions can help moisturize the skin. They lock moisture to prevent drying. On the other hand, CBD balms are commonly used to treat joint and muscle pains, especially among arthritis patients and athletes.

CBD skin cream is a miracle treatment for the health of your skin. Aside from protecting your skin from damage due to several factors, it can naturally enhance the texture, complexion, and health to give you the summer skin of your dreams. 

CBD skin care is hugely popular this summer, and here are seven CBD Infused summer skincare essentials to add to your bag.

1. ExPurtise CBD Hyaluronic Acid Serum

The bright sun that gleams in the summer is a foe to your aging skin. Skin aging is stimulated by several factors such as skin dryness, free radical damage, lack of hydration and moisture, plus exposure to UV rays. A typical summer afternoon could contribute to almost all these problems.

The use of CBD infused ExPurtise CBD Hyaluronic Acid Serum promises to fight the many signs of aging and encourages cell regeneration and skin elasticity. 

Along with the anti-aging benefits of CBD, it also reduces inflammation, regulates oil levels to balance moisture, and keeps the skin well-nourished and hydrated to retain a youthful glow. It also promotes collagen activity and protects the skin using antioxidants to elevate elasticity and texture.

The product absorbs quickly into the skin and retains the moisture for long durations to keep you looking young and fabulous through the summer.

2. CBD Daily Intensive Cream

Packed with 59 mg of cannabinoid CBD, the CBD Daily Intensive Cream is the solution to all your dry skin woes. The light texture and fast-absorbing technology soothes your skin within the first few minutes and nourishes and hydrates easily.

Summertime causes dry and dull skin due to UV exposure and pollution, and a touch of healthy moisturizing can leave it glowing all season.

The rich, creamy formulation of the cream, along with the enchanting aroma of natural ingredients is a refreshing choice for your skin. The product is available in two variations, CBD-original that embeds menthol with cedarwood, and Lavender that mixes menthol with lavender to give you smooth skin brimming with fresh aromas.

The menthol keeps your skin refreshed and rejuvenated through the summer, and it’s easy absorbing texture makes it ideal to wear under your sunscreen.

It’s also a healthy night cream to heal your skin from the damages and exposures of the day, and you’ll wake up with a bright complexion and flawless texture. Alternatively,if you have super sensitive skin, then popping CBD pills can reap similar effects.

3. Plain Jane CBD Bath Soak

Summer can be tiring on your body. The heat combined with dirt, pollution, and stress could leave your body yearning for good care. Of course, sunburns can leave your skin damaged and itchy.

The CBD Mineral Bath Soak by Simple Jane is the perfect choice to enrich your summer evenings with its rejuvenating Himalayan Salt and Redmond Salt infused with the goodness of CBD.

A soak can help your skin recover from sunburns and rashes that can cause inflammation or red patches. It can also treat common skin ailments such as eczema or psoriasis and get rid of sunburns, bug bites, and redness on the surface.

Soaking in this natural salt alloy can also relax your muscles and tighten your pores to reduce skin problems such as acne. Additionally, it can soothe the effects of the sun and cleanse the dirt and dust that alleviates the texture. Follow the bath with a healthy moisturizing routine to cherish gorgeous skin.

4. Provacan CBD Sun Lotion SPF 30

Provocan introduces a potent CBD infused SPF 30 sunscreen cream that provides the perfect defense against the harmful UV rays. CBD is known to possess powerful sunscreen properties. It can protect the skin against free radical damage and moisturizes and hydrates to protect the texture and tone.

Provacan CBD Sun Lotion SPF 30 is infused with 50 mg of the highest quality CBD isolate to enhance sun protection for your skin. The phytocannabinoid and phytochemical composition of this sunscreen contains UV-blocking properties that are natural and safe.

Most sunscreen lotions contain particles that break down to cover the surface and aftercare is needed to remove and cleanse them. They could clog the pores and lead to problems such as acne. However, the use of natural cannabinoids by the company ensures clean and healthy skin cells after usage.

For night time use, applying CBG lotion is advisable. Cannabigerol (CBG) has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, perfect for skin repair caused by bacteria and preventing infection due to sunburn. 

CBG lotions are also excellent for treating dry, chapped hands, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. The summer heat can trigger the eruption of these skin conditions because high humidity levels can cause increased perspiration and germ growth. Therefore, neglecting good hygiene and skin health can result in skin disease and other health-related problems.

5. White Tiger CBD Luxe Oil

The White Tiger Skincare line of Alexandra Wagner is among the most sophisticated CBD product lines.

With a blend of premium natural ingredients such as White Turmeric, White Mulberry extracts, Rosehip oil, cucumber oil, Tiger Grass plant stem cells, and Evening Primrose, the White Tiger Luxe Oil promises to brighten your skin tone while offering the ideal hydration.

The properties of CBD aids in controlling inflammation and brings antioxidants to enrich the skin texture and complexion. Take a few drops of the oil available at trusted retailers like CBDMEDIC and massage on your skin using circular motions. It will cleanse the pores and add layers of moisture and nourishment to your skin.

6. Hora Skincare Overnight Exfoliating CBD Mask

Exfoliation is a crucial step during summer to eliminate the dead skin cells that make your skin look dull and lifeless. Nevertheless, using harsh chemicals for skin exfoliation can cause skin irritation and inflammation, especially during the high summer heat. The best solution is using a natural exfoliant, such as an exfoliating CBD mask. So, add this CBD product to your routine.

Hora`s Overnight Exfoliating CBD mask brings the nourishing and cleansing properties of CBD in combination with Vitamin A, Borage oil, and the aroma of Evening Primrose, all of which promise to eliminate the many effects of summer from your skin.

For instance, the mask penetrates the skin to deeply moisturize and nourish, while vitamin A reduces problems such as wrinkles and discoloration. Further, the primrose calms the skin from inflammation and purifies the pores.

You can apply a thin layer of the mask and leave it on overnight or you can keep it on for up to four hours before you wash with lukewarm water. It is a paraben and sulfate-free formulation that is gentle and will leave your skin refreshed and rejuvenated.

7. Veritas Farms Full Spectrum CBD Lip Balm

Veritas Farms has come up with the perfect product to eliminate the effect of summer on your lips. Enriched with the goodness of full-spectrum CBD oil, Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Lip Balm deeply nourishes your lips and eliminates problems such as chapped lips, dryness, and related pigmentation. 

The lip balm contains about 25 mg of CBD oil per package of the highest quality to ensure amazing benefits. It also contains a spectrum of oils such as castor oil, olive oil, beeswax, essential oils, and stevia that all combine to give a glossy touch and well-nourished appearance.

You can choose from a range of six exotic fruit flavors including Cherry, Mango, Strawberry, Orange Crème, Watermelon, and French Vanilla.

Enhance your summer with these premium CBD-infused skincare products. Their blend of powerful ingredients with CBD is prone to kick all skin woes and give you the perfect glow and gorgeous color to flaunt your summer body. Explore from a wide range of CBD skincare brands to enrich your skin with CBD goodness this summer.

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