Terroir & Hemp In Italy

Hemp Industry Daily reports on Italian hemp producers exploring the concept of “terroir” in hemp growing……

Fabio Primavera an agronomist and trained soil expert currently heads the research and development laboratory of Milan’s vertical farming operation Planet Farms Italia.

Primavera has studied the relationship between soil quality and crop production and has consulted private farms on hemp cultivation in coordination with the Italian Medical Hemp Society.

“The growing conditions must be chosen and calibrated to allow the hemp plant to vegetate with a little and controlled series of stresses, synchronized with the periods of flower development and cannabinoid synthesis,” said Primavera.

One of the key factors in hemp cultivation is the soil, and Primavera noted that Italy’s young, volcanic soil offered ideal mineral content for the cultivation of hemp and other crops.

Light is one of the most important growth factors in cannabis cultivation. Italian and Finnish researchers have found that it is possible to use light quality, intensity, and exposure to affect a plant’s cannabinoid profile, and that an optimized light spectrum improves the value and quality of cannabis.

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Under a Tuscan sun: Exploring cannabis ‘terroir’ in Italy


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