7,400 Australians sign Drive Change petition to give medical cannabis patients equal driving rights

Pondering Pot report..

Over 7,400 Australians have signed a new petition to change Australia’s current drug driving laws so that medical cannabis patients have the same driving rights as other licensed adults.

The petition was started by the activist group Drive Change last week, targeting several prominent parliament members, including Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews, and the health and policing ministers from each state. It argues that medical cannabis patients who return a positive roadside test for THC should be permitted to use their medical cannabis prescription as a defence. To be eligible for this defence, the following criteria would need to be met:

Read more at  https://www.ponderingpot.com.au/national/7400-australians-sign-drive-change-petition-to-give-medical-cannabis-patients-equal-driving-rights/


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