800 LSD Strips Confiscated by Indonesian Authorities Since November.. 39 Arrested May Face Death Penalty

Indonesian Police and Customs uncovered the smuggling of crystal methamphetamine or shabu and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide or LSD by international drug rings. Jakarta Metro Police PR chief, Sr. Comr. Endra Zulpan, said that since mid-November the police have confiscated 16.88 kilograms or crystal meth and 800 strips of LSD.

“In this case, the Metro Jaya Police have arrested, detained and named 39 suspects,” Zulpan said in Jakarta, Thursday, December 9.

All of the suspects, he said, are Indonesian nationals. Their suppliers however are from overseas.

Zulpan said the drugs were smuggled from several countries including Congo, Uganda, China, and Canada. The smugglers hid them inside items such as vehicle parts to deceive customs officers.

Meanwhile, the Metro Police’s director of Narcotics Division Sr. Comr. Mukti Juharsa said that LSD was quite widely consumed in Indonesia in the 1980s. Recently, the psychedelic drug is back in circulation.

The 39 suspects may face the death penalty. They are charged with numerous articles of the narcotics law.


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