Rolling joints is an art. It is a right of passage for any weed user who wants to claim to be a seasoned veteran user of marijuana. While there are many ways of consuming marijuana, smoking is considered one of the best options. With smoking, you get to enjoy the full burst of the smoky aroma. If you are planning to roll your weed, read ahead for a quick, easy-to-follow guide on rolling your weed with custom rolling papers.


Why should I roll my own joint?

Ready-to-use, pre-made joints are available everywhere. If you are considerably new to smoking joints, you will find it easy and comfortable to buy such pre-made joints. And we do not blame you. When you have everything ready to go, then why not?

But rolling your joints is quite good in its ways.

You can control the quality of the weed and other materials that go into making the joint. And you will be surprised to know that rolling your own joints works much cheaper than buying joints.

A low-grade rolling paper doesn’t give you the best experience and can lead to coughing fits. If you are making your joints, you can use the best custom rolling paper. It will burn slow, last longer, and give you the best smoking experience.

You can control the amount of weed you use. This gives you the much-needed flexibility.

Since you are preparing the joint just before use, you can enjoy the full freshness of the weed flower. It will be a truly incredible experience overall.


But isn’t rolling my own joint going to be difficult?

We agree the prospect of rolling your own joint can feel quite daunting. And there are many methods of rolling joints. But we will explain a simple, basic method here. If you are a weed joint newbie, you will feel this process quite easy and doable.

To roll your joint, you will need:

  • Weed flower
  • Weed grinder
  • Custom rolling paper
  • A piece of cardboard or paper to create a crutch
  • A pen or something similar, to pack the weed


The process:

  • Select the weed that you want to smoke. Make sure that you source a quality weed flower for the best experience.
  • You will need a weed grinder or equipment of some kind to pulverize or grind the weed, ready to fill into your custom rolling paper.
  • If you are a newbie, we suggest you start by using about half a gram of weed for the best experience.
  • You will need something to create a crutch. This will become the tip or filter of your smoke. The crutch will create a shape so you can roll the joint and fill it easily.
  • Fold the cardboard in an accordion-style to create a circular-shaped crutch.
  • Place the crutch at one end of the custom rolling paper and fill it with the weed. Roll the paper into the shape of a cigarette slowly.
  • Pack the weed with a pen by pressing. Make sure that the weed is packed and rolled tightly.
  • Lick the edge of the rolling paper and seal the joint.
  • Close the open end of the joint by twisting into a firm seal.
  • Enjoy your weed.

Making your weed joint may sound scary, but it is quite a simple and efficient way to smoke. Selecting the best custom rolling papers ensures that you are getting the best out of your weed joint.