A Change Is Gonna Come ….”Ed Forchion sells marijuana in New Jersey’s state capital — directly across from City Hall. He doesn’t have a license. What he’s doing is blatantly illegal. He doesn’t care who knows.”

Great story in the Philly Inquirer that reads which way the wind is blowing in NJ ahead of next week’s referendum..

It also illustrates the major issue in the world of regulated cannabis.. the scourge of big business and those who are cashed up taking away business from others equally well qualified to do so.

The reporter writes

New Jersey voters are voting in next week’s general election on whether to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use. A statewide legal market could be up and running by late 2021.

But Forchion is certain there won’t be a place for him under a state-administered cannabis industry.

Forchion, also known as marijuana activist NJWeedman, has 16 varieties of cannabis on offer — including the high-grade Platinum Kush and Wedding Cake strains. He also sells marijuana-infused edibles and magic mushrooms.

Between masked customers, Forchion openly dared law enforcement to prosecute him. The sign on his Trenton storefront is emblazoned with an oversized image of … Forchion. It shows him obstinately smoking a giant spliff.

“Because when they arrest me, then that’s when I get what I want,” chuckled Forchion, standing behind a glass counter holding scores of edibles and oversized jars of marijuana flower. “They could stage a raid with AK-47s. But I won’t resist.”

“They’ll give me a hearing, and by law, they’ll have to let me go after a couple of days,” Forchion said. “Prison doesn’t scare me. They can’t find 12 people who’d be willing to convict me.”

He figures he’s already spent 1,200 days in prison on felony distribution charges. But more recent attempts to jail him have ended in not-guilty verdicts. In a 2010 case, Forchion convinced a Burlington County jury that the the state’s cannabis law was unjust.

Read on at. https://www.inquirer.com/business/weed/njweedman-weedmans-joint-cannabis-marijuana-new-jersey-legalization-20201026.html




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