You may wonder where you could buy CBD oil if you are a resident of the Republic of Ireland or are a tourist on the Emerald Island. Now it is a good idea to see whether the production of CBD oil is legal or not, until I find that out and learn how to choose the best type of oil in Ireland.

The position of sales and buying of CBD oil in Ireland

Although CBD has been shown to offer a wide range of health benefits, the legality of CBD remains questionable in many areas, including Ireland.

The drug or ingredient first has to be accorded a medicine status in order to sell or buy any item under the’ medical / sanitary’ classification in Ireland. Nevertheless, cannabis and its derivatives were never deemed to be a “medicinal drug,” in the opinion of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), making it extremely difficult to deal with any ingredients or products of the cannabis in the country.

CBD oil as a substitute for food cannabis

Cannabinoids used as food flavoring agents or products are the only type of cannabis derivative that is legitimate in Ireland. This is because most CBD food supplements are obtained from the hemp plant. This explanation is legal.

How can I get a license for hemp in Ireland?

Hemp, a type of cannabis plant, contains much less amount of THC which makes it much healthier than other types of cannabis and less psychoactive. In order to grow and harvest hemp lawfully, farmers must be licensed by the HPRA ( health products regulatory authority ) and must receive a special license from a grower.

First, they must follow EU-defined extraction methods to remove hemp oil and other natural ingredients; failure to do so will prohibit them from selling their CBD products on the Irish market. Nevertheless, hemp oil that is extracted using any other technique or that is further refined or processed requires not only HPRA approval, but also need EU permission.

Purchase of CBD oil in Ireland

When in Ireland we talk of medical CBD, we speak about CBD which is extracted from hemp.

Ireland today has many specialist shops and pharmacies that store CBD products and sell them. Several specialized websites and online companies also sell CBD oil throughout the world. Some of the products that can be bought include hemp oil, CBD extracts, soft gels, steam kits, protein powders, salves etc.

It is so important that you understand the basic difference between isolates and full spectrum CBD before deciding to buy CBD oil in Ireland to ensure that you purchase the right product.


Difference between CBD isolates and CBD full spectrum

CBD isolate, once the hemp plant has absorbed oil, chlorophyll, wax and other additives, only pure powder has been left behind. The CBD isolate is known for this crystalline powder.

The CBD comes from the whole hemp plant, on the other side. This CBD is designed to preserve all waxes, chlorophyll, other cannabinoids, and hemp plant oils. The trace amounts of THC (only up to 0.2%) are present in this type of CBD.

Which one is better, then?

While CBD isolate may seem stronger and more effective due to its pure form of CBD but that’s not true. Research shows that the effects of the other ingredients of the hemp plant improve the CBD’s health benefits. This is a much better option in patients for full-spectrum CBD oil. All ingredients inject multiple ingredients into the body in combination that offer countless health benefits, including minerals, vitamins, terpenes, proteins, fatty acids and fibers. It helps patients to be relieved more quickly and effectively.

But this is not less effective for CBD isolate. Yes, because of the complete absence of THC many users prefer CBD isolate. This makes it ideal for users with a very delicate structure and who are unable to physically ingest the THC safely. It is also beneficial for professional sportsmen, military personnel, Garden officers, doctors and others who wish to obtain CBD’s health benefits without worrying about THC’s in drug testing tests. A carrier oil like olive oil and grapes oil can be mixed with the CBD insulate and then either be consumed directly or used for cooking or baking purposes. This means that it totally depends on the choice of user whether they want to take CBD isolate or CBD full-spectrum.

In Ireland, is CBD oil legal?

In order to be legal CBD oil in Ireland, all cannabis products should have a THC content of 0.2 percent or less. Any product with such a low THC content has no psychoactive human impact. We does not sell marijuana for recreational or medicinal use. We only supply CBD oil from the non-psychoactive form of cannabis plant known as hemp.

In Ireland, where can I buy CBD oil?

CBD oil can be bought from online stores like Dr. Hemp Me and physical stores like CBD Ireland in Waterford.

Is CBD oil a new diet?

The legality of CBD in Ireland and the EU is one of the main issues that whether or not CBD can be included as a novel drug. We has already clarified this stance on the novel food issue by the United Kingdom Cannabis Trade Association. Sadly, this is still a muddy situation and it is necessary to continue the FSA and CTA consultations. The CTA’s stance is that CBD insulation materials should be listed as new foods, while whole plants should not be listed as CBD. For this reason the entire spectrum of CBD Oil profits from the use of the whole plant in the so called entourage effect.

Is it legal to use recreational cannabis in Ireland ?

No, marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes in Ireland is not legal and cannot be sold or grown in the country. All cannabis products shall be legally binding in Ireland with a THC content of 0.2 percent or less. No psychoactive effects on humans can affect any product with such low THC content. We does not sell marijuana for consumption or medicine. We only sell CBD oil from the non-psychoactive plant called hemp.