A Look into Cannabis Seeds and Finding the Best for Cultivation

There are two techniques that a person can grow cannabis plants. The most popular technique is using a seed, while the other ways use a clone. Since the former option is the most popular for indoor and outdoor growers, it is critical to learn about them, especially if you are a first-time grower. On the other hand, cultivators can know the best seeds to buy and enhance their yields.

In the reproduction of cannabis plants, a seed carries the genetic composition of the parent species. It is why growers are opting for feminized seeds as they have large buds and high yields. The quality of cannabis products a person gets depends on his/her seed selection.


The Germination Process

A new plant starts from the seed until it matures for harvesting.             Ensure you purchase high-quality seeds for planting. Just like any other plant, it requires air, water and warmth to grow. Since the plant is sensitive when it begins to germinate, individuals opt to plant it in a separate place to transplant it later. A seed takes a maximum of two weeks for it to break and start growing. If what you have takes longer to split and grow, it is important to find another vendor.

Growing cannabis using seeds gives the resulting plant a stronger plant than if you use a clone. The germination process is vibrant, and the plant will have good support from the ground. A grower can purchase sought i49 seeds as they are versatile and adaptable to different climatic conditions. However, it is critical to take adequate care of the plant when at its initial growth stages.


The Seed carries the Genes

Marijuana exists in male and female species. The pollen sacs in the male plant initiate the pollination process for the flowers to produce seeds. When the female plant reaches its maturity, seeds will come off and fall to the surrounding where it germinates. However, you can harvest the seeds to sell to manufacturers of cannabis oils and other edible products.


Whenever cultivators want to get high yielding plants, they grow the female plants away from male plants. On the other hand, a person can eliminate the male species before they pollinate the female plants. As a result, females grow bigger buds, and they become a liking for many consumers.

Benefits of Growing the Cannabis Plant via Seeds

There are several benefits to choosing seeds for cultivation. First, you are sure of not inheriting pests and diseases from existing plants. Also, it is now possible to decide on the type of plant you want and its characteristics. Seed producers will cross-breed different species, and they can sell you the strain you want. It is common for vendors to display the information for you to see if you visit the shop. However, you can get efficient virtual support from their personnel if you are buying online. A grower gets discreet delivery for their packages right at their doorstep.

On the contrary, it is challenging to eliminate the male plants from a plantation. However, you can opt for the feminized seeds to be on the safe side. You will be sure of densely populated buds and no seeds. Let us look at some of the most popular seeds for small scale or large scale cultivators.

Auto-flowering Seeds

These kinds of seeds are suitable for people growing the plant for the first time. The germination process is simple as it does not rely on coming into direct contact with sunlight for the plant to flower. Marijuana plants from auto-flowering seeds will flower when the time comes and is not dependent on exposure to the sun. The trait is what gives the seed its name. On the other hand, the plant yields more when in the outdoors.

Growers can make a harvest more than once a year by growing the auto-flowering seeds. They do not grow tall and do not yield much compared to other kinds. However, the future is looking up as innovative ways cultivators can cross-breed the plant after auto-flowering.

Feminized Seeds

Whenever a grower wants to get high yielding buds with no seeds, they opt for feminized seeds. It eliminates the risk of male plants pollinating the female plants. Individuals growing it commercially do not use them as they are not ideal for cross-breeding. However, it is a good choice for those who do not have the capacity of removing male plants from the plantation. Some popular strains from these type of seeds are cheese, skunk, Afghan, and others.

How to determine the Best Seed for you

It is probably that many growers do not know what to look for when buying seeds to germinate. Apart from reading the descriptions by the vendor, here are things to look for;

  • Coating; if the seed coating is waxy, it is ideal for planting. The shell needs to sustain some pressure without breaking. An unhealthy seed will crumble when you press it with minimal pressure.
  • Colour; immature seeds are green in colour, and it will be difficult for them to grow. On the contrary, good seeds are either grey, black or brown.
  • Cracks; a seed should not have cracks as it will not sprout.
  • Requirements; plants differ, and it is critical to get instructions on how to care for them. They will require different nutrients to flourish.
  • Resources; the smaller species of cannabis plants will require minimal space for high production. They also take less to attain maturity. However, strains falling in the Sativa category take longer grow but are huge compared to Sativa strains. They will also require a larger space for them to grow.

A grower can go further and test the seeds to determine if they are suitable for planting. One of the techniques is placing the seeds in lukewarm water for a few hours. A seed that floats on the water will not germinate. On the other hand, a person can try and grow the seed to see how it develops.


Successful cultivation of cannabis plants requires adequate planning. The information in this read can give you valuable insights when finding the best seed to grow.


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