A Perfect Fit”, Michigan, Israeli Cannabis Companies Say of Partnership

Tikun Olam, Pincanna team up amid a boom in Michigan’s cannabis industry.

Israeli-based medical and adult-use cannabis company Tikun Olam and Michigan-based cannabis cultivatordistributor and retailer, Pincanna, have finalized an agreement to bring Tikun’s cannabis products to Michigan in Spring 2021. 

Through the deal, Pincanna will grow and distribute Tikun’s cannabis products, which will join a lineup of around 10 different cannabis brands the company grows and/or distributes. Pincanna is working with Tikun Olam USA, a US-based joint venture of the company established in 2015.

Rob Nusbaum
Rob Nusbaum

Robert Nusbaum, founding partner of Pincanna, believes Tikun Olam choosing them to cultivate their unique genetics is a big deal in the burgeoning Michigan cannabis industry, and says Tikun Olam first reached out about the partnership.

“A couple representatives came to Michigan, we met with them and took them to our facilities,” Nusbaum said of the beginning of the relationship. “As is the case many times when people see our facilities, they understand really who we are and how serious we take this.”

Pincanna is based in Farmington Hills, but also operates a 135,000-square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility across 185 acres in Pinconning, Michigan, just north of Bay City. The company also operates its own retail store in Kalkaska, near Traverse City, and plans to open numerous Pincanna market retail stores throughout the state.

Tikun Olam’s products have been used since 2010 in ongoing clinical trials in Israel’s regulated medical cannabis market, treating patients for a variety of symptoms of medical conditions such as cancer, PTSD, epilepsy and chronic pain. In addition to its US operation, Tikun operates similar partnerships in Canada, Greece and Australia. Bernie Sucher, CEO of Tikun Olam USA, grew up in Southfield, did business in Russia for years and currently resides in Miami.

Bernie Sucher
Bernie Sucher

The partnership is another notable addition to the Michigan cannabis industry’s Jewish ties, joining Weinberg Family Enterprises and the affiliated PRIMITIV, Evergreen Logistics and TheGreenhouse of Walled Lake, among others.

Our experienced grow and processing team has brought together the best equipment in the world in order to produce the highest quality product in the most efficient manner,” Nusbaum said. Tikun chose us to produce their goods for Michigan, and we believe that the addition of their product offerings is a perfect fit for us.” 

Though Sucher didn’t know Nusbaum personally before entering the partnership, he said the company had a strong reputation.

“As Pincanna has been investing and building this beautiful and very advanced set of facilities in Pinconning, we began to look for a partner to bring our medicines into the Michigan marketplace,” Sucher said.

“The foundation of our partnership is a shared passion to help people who are suffering from pain and a wide range of conditions,” Sucher said. “By working with Pincanna, we’re blessed to be working with people who share this mission, share this passion and share our values. Having a partner like Pincanna to work with and bring Tikun Olam’s legacy to Michigan, to me, it’s as cool as it gets.”

Nusbaum believes Tikun Olam will become the cornerstone of Pincanna’s medically-endorsed products, which will be sold in the Medical and Adult-Use markets. 

Source:  https://thejewishnews.com/2020/12/16/a-perfect-fit-michigan-israeli-cannabis-companies-say-of-partnership/

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