ACS Laboratory Named a Colorado State Certified Hemp Testing Laboratory

BOCA RATON, Florida, December 15, 2021 ? PRESS RELEASE ? ACS Laboratory, a Florida-based cannabis and hemp testing facility, announced its been approved as a Colorado State Certified Hemp Testing Laboratory. Per the CDPHE website, ACS Laboratory is the only facility to date certified for the entire scope of testing. This includes THC and other cannabinoids, heavy metals, mycotoxins, microbiology, residual solvents, moisture content, and the full new pesticide panel of 102 pesticides.

Reflecting its commitment to quality testing to ensure consumer safety, ACS Laboratory tests hemp and cannabis plants, flowers, extracts, and edibles for paraquat, diquat, and glyphosate, along with 102 other pesticides that are all on CDPHE’s list of required pesticide tests.

ACS Laboratory offers sensitive and comprehensive pesticide screening and confirmation using the liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry LC/MS/MS method. This method is ideal for accurately analyzing pesticides commonly used during cannabis cultivation.

“Pesticides used in cannabis cultivation can cause serious health issues, and we want to ensure that plants or products are compliant and safe for all who use them,” said Roger Brown, ACS Laboratory president and founder. “We are very pleased to be named a Colorado State Certified Hemp Testing Lab and are fully prepared for the CDPHE’s Industrial Hemp Pesticide Testing regulations.”

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