1 February 2017

Here’s their list

Here are the top infractions encountered for Medical Dispensaries in 2016:

  1. The facility (license) does not immediately input all marijuana and infused product into the State-mandated inventory tracking system and account for all variances.
  2. Marijuana product sold to patients does not clearly display all public health and safety warning statements required by law.
  3. The facility does not have accurate or updated visitor and security entry logs for the facility.
  4. The facility does not follow regulatory guidelines on expired products (one or more).
  5. All patients or visitors are not properly supervised/tracked at all times in restricted access areas


They then provide the following advice / marketing about their company

Continual Compliance Training

There are more than 250 operational requirements for most marijuana dispensaries. How can a dispensary stay ahead of the compliance curve? Continual compliance training is key. After time, employees will start to lose focus and become disengaged. How do we keep them engaged and on top of compliance? Dedication to continual training and setting performance expectations. Training is an investment in your business and shows good faith to regulators.

Enforce Vendor Compliance

The inventory control team should be responsible for administering vendor compliance policies. One of the main goals of an effective compliance program is to push inspection up the supply chain. Compliance problems are easier to correct if they are identified before marijuana product is accepted and displayed for sale. Non-compliant vendors can be costly to your organization and should be avoided.

Regulatory Agency Compliance Programs

Does your organization need to monitor, measure and report on marijuana compliance? Does your agency need a fully-vetted marijuana compliance program that leverages automated software and regulatory best practices?

Adherence offers two solution options for our regulatory partners:

  1. Internal Compliance Program
  2. Outsourced Compliance Program

Internal Compliance Program

Adherence provides in-depth compliance training and licensed use of our SCORE App to regulatory partners to conduct compliance inspections on their own behalf with internal staff or agency investigators. The agency actively manages the program with Adherence support.

Outsourced Compliance Program

With this option, Adherence provides service delivery of compliance inspections on behalf of our regulatory partners including detailed compliance reports. This option includes overall program management and leverages Adherence inspectors.

Both Programs offer in-depth compliance training, regulatory code reviews and automated software to manage compliance libraries. Adherence Programs include monthly, quarterly and annual compliance data reports, along with local software instance and data store options. Establish a marijuana compliance monitoring and management program in a few weeks, not a few months.