Here’s their press release…..

Adherence now supports cannabis compliance in multiple markets in the United States and Canada. Our Adherence SCORE App v4.2, now available on the Apple App Store, inspected hundreds of operational marijuana licenses in 2017.  For Adherence’s most common markets (Colorado, Washington, Nevada, California, Illinois and Maryland), we complied a list of average compliance scores by License Type.

As one can see, established markets/states (with quasi-legal beginnings) such as Colorado, Washington & California have struggled. The marijuana industry in the aforementioned states morphed faster than regulators could keep up. These markets have suffered with lower compliance scores on average. Overall, it will be more difficult for these states to achieve the impressive results of the newer, more measured markets.

States such as Illinois, Maryland and the emerging market of Pennsylvania have experienced better compliance scores on average as the rigors of regulatory and financial compliance have been pre-determined. These states have been fortunate to learn from Colorado and Washington, as marijuana business compliance (both regulatory and financial) is a relatively new industry.