Adherence Compliance  has taken predictive analytics and machine learning and applied it to the cannabis industry to determine where a licensed business may fail next. By doing hundreds of compliance inspections with cannabis businesses that range from dispensaries to cultivation centers to manufacturers that make vape pens or edibles, Adherence Compliance has identified some specific failure patterns.

Forbes: 19 October 2017

Adherence Compliance

Founded in 2014, Adherence Compliance developed the cannabis industry’s first compliance management app and risk-based compliance score to effectively monitor marijuana businesses.

Since then, Adherence has conducted more than 500 marijuana compliance inspections across the United States.

Trust the leader in compliance services and software. Trust Adherence.

  • Cannabis Operations and Compliance Training
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Compliance Programs for Banks; Insurance; Lessors and Regulators




The SCORE App is used to conduct financial and regulatory compliance assessments for owners/operators, investors, regulatory agencies, banks and financial institutions, insurance providers, landlords, CPAs, attorneys and our partners.

As of July 2017 the Adherence Compliance software is live in more than 10 states including local jurisdictions at city and county level.

Steve Owens, CEO, says. Ours is the first mobile app and cloud native platform for cannabis compliance in the USA and we do hope that you’ll have a few minutes to take a look at what we do via our latest you tube tutorial.

Title:  Standard Operating Procedures for Marijuana Licenses

Easy to manage, compliant license application and operational templates for Dispensaries, Cultivation Centers and Manufacturers. Templates include 1-hour online compliance review with Adherence Compliance Director of Compliance. Built for Federal, State, City and County considerations.  Backed by data and experience from more than 600 cannabis compliance inspections.

USA: Report Company Cannabis Benchmarks

A. What is the wholesale price of cannabis today and into the future?

We answer this question.

We have developed Spot and Implied Forward Price assessments of standardized cannabis products to create market transparency for trading & hedging, risk reporting and settlement.

With our Spot Index, market participants can understand the value of product today. With our Implied Forward Prices, participants have an informed view of the future value of product.

​Answer fundamental questions:

  • How much can cannabis be sold for wholesale?
  • What factors correlate with and/or drive prices and changes in price?
  • At what price are buyers and sellers transacting in the forward market?

​Enabling customers to:

  • ​Complete economic pro forma analyses
  • Develop trading and hedging strategies
  • Measure, manage and report risk
  • Settle physical and financial transactions

B. How much does it cost to produce one pound of cannabis? Is a cultivator optimizing financial and operational performance?

Even if all factors look positive, a transparent peer group comparison can reveal hidden opportunities for cost reduction and enhanced performance.

We have established a proprietary benchmarking methodology to reveal the information needed to make sound decisions regarding capital investment and operational improvement.

Answer fundamental questions:

  • How much does cannabis cost to produce?
  • What proportion of the total cost is CapEx, Direct and Overhead; and what are the underlying drivers of these expense categories?
  • How does a specific cultivation operation compare to its peers in terms of detailed costs per pound, and productivity per pound and per square foot?

​Enabling customers to:

  • Identify opportunities for operational improvement and cost reduction
  • Build and defend the case for capital investment and capacity expansion
  • Determine and defend asset valuation
  • Gain insight into production costs and trends