Advantages Of Smoking Hemp Flower

Here Pure Hemp Farms share some of the many benefits of hemp flower. Read on if you want to find out more.


  1. It’s Affordable

CBD hemp flower is undeniably more affordable and cheaper than many other CBD products on the market today. With the popularity of cannabis, especially CBD, growing by the day, the price of some of these products, such as CBD vape juice, CBD oil, and tinctures, have been hitting record highs over the recent past. Such has made these products quite expensive for most people, forcing them to compromise quality for affordability. However, the price of CBD hemp flower remains unchanged, making it readily available and easier to buy. You thus get to enjoy the benefits of CBD without putting a dent in your bank account.


  1. You Won’t Get High

Although a product of the cannabis plant, the hemp flower only contains trace amounts of THC (tetrahydro cannabidiol), but rich in CBD (cannabinoids). This is because hemp is derived from the cannabis Indica strain, popularly known for its higher CBD content as compared to minimal (less than 0.3%) THC content. The relatively low THC content means you won’t get high or risk getting hooked. The best thing about smoking hemp flower is you get to enjoy all the relaxing benefits of CBD. Many people have attested to feeling better and more relaxed after smoking CBD hemp flower and hardly felt any euphoric effects.


  1. It is Fast-Acting

Smoking CBD hemp flower delivers the cannabinoids directly into the lungs, which are then absorbed directly into the bloodstream. The results are thus almost instantaneous, leading to faster relief. According to research, smoking CBD delivers the compounds much faster than taking CBD oil tinctures. This thus means consumers, especially those battling arthritis, chronic pain, or other conditions, get faster relief from smoking CBD. CBD oil tinctures take around 30 minutes for their effects to be felt, against a few minutes of smoking CBD.


  1. Has A Higher Bioavailability

CBD oil consumed as edibles, gummies or pills, has a bioavailability of 20%, while smoked CBD hemp flower is a whopping 50%. Bioavailability translates to the rate at which the compound is absorbed into the bloodstream. One of the reasons for such high bioavailability is that the compounds (CBD in this case) don’t have to go through the stomach to be digested before getting absorbed into the bloodstream. The compounds are picked directly from the lung cells into the bloodstream, which again makes smoking CBD hemp a much better delivery method. In addition to this, CBD isn’t exposed to digestive juices and other elements in the digestive tract, hence a reduced risk of the compounds getting destroyed.


  1. It’s Legal

Hemp-derived products are legal to use in most states, while the same cannot be said about marijuana-derived products. The low levels of THC in hemp products make them safe for most people to use. You thus won’t be breaking the law, or need a medical marijuana card, to enjoy smoking CBD hemp flower.


Thanks to the Farm Bill 2018, it is legal for one to cultivate, trade, and use hemp-based CBD products all across the US. The only requirement is to ensure your products contain less than 0.3. percent THC concentration. All producers and manufacturers are required by law to produce a certificate of analysis (COA) confirming compounds in their product before they can be released to the market. This again ensures you, the consumer, are protected from consuming hemp-related products with a higher THC concentration or harmful chemicals (such as pesticides) that could harm you in one way or the other. You can thus smoke your hemp flower in peace wherever you are.


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