Advisory Board Member QwikLeaf – LA

We are looking for new Advisory Board Member candidate who can serve QwikLeaf as strategic thought leaders, and who are collaborators and catalysts for action representing their specific knowledge area.


QwikLeaf, Inc. is a technology company bringing click-and-collect automation to the cannabis industry. We have developed the world’s first click-and-collect cannabis platform.

Our growth and value come by bringing a needed segment (click-and-collect) to the cannabis market. We have strategized to profit from the success of our cannabis retail stores increased sales and a decrease in employee overhead from using our own unique platform.

QwikLeaf capitalizes on its unique software, hardware, cannabis manufacturing partnerships, and retail licenses. We are launching our proprietary cannabis e-commerce marketplace alongside licensed delivery operations and custom hardware.

3 Month Timeline

  • Publicly Launch – November 2020, Los Angeles, CA
  • Licensed cannabis delivery to homes in LA
  • Expand hardware partnerships
  • Successfully raise additional capital: Nov. 14th B Round

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

· Ensure all actions are consistent with QwikLeaf’s values, mission, and strategic business objectives

· Identifies articulates and prioritizes the issues, topics, and challenges affecting the organization

· Identifies “best in class” developments within the appropriate context and potential impact on the organization

· Assists the organization to better understand our markets and clients, helping to determine best approaches to reaching and engaging key audiences

· Identifies other subject-matter experts and knowledge leaders who can support the organization in a variety of ways and expand the organization’s reach and influence

· Represents the interests of the organization and is an advocate for the company

· Strives to ensure the connection of committee activity to QwikLeaf’s mission, strategy, and objectives

· Participates in meetings, conference calls, task teams, and other activities to the fullest extent possible

Advisory Board Chair (additional responsibilities)

· Provides strategic focus, serving as the leader of the advisory council team

· In partnership with the Executive Leadership Liaison, establish specific goals and expected outcomes for the year

· Presides at meetings and leads conference calls of the Advisory Council

· and leadership to the group relative to the interest area represented by the Advisory Council

· Advocates for the interests of the Advisory Council

· Assist executive leadership liaison with succession planning

Executive Leadership Liaison

· Serves as the staff lead and partner with the Advisory Council Chair

· Ensures that the group has administrative support to accomplish its objectives; ensures that the group meets regularly; and oversees the group’s budget

· Identifies appropriate talent to serve on the Advisory Council in collaboration with the Advisory Council Chair, senior leadership, and other QwikLeaf staff

· Collaborates with the Advisory Council chair to establish meeting/call agendas, objectives, and activities

· In collaboration with the chair evaluates Advisory Council member contributions relative to performance expectations and succession planning

· Ensures effective communications with advisory council members, including updates from the QwikLeaf Board and sharing of organizational vision, mission, and strategies

· Serves as a resource to the group to facilitate access to information, and resources

· Collaborates with other staff to ensure effective communication and collaboration across all groups


· Senior-level practitioner (Director or Higher) or senior consultant in a professional services profession

· Thought leader with a minimum of ten years of professional experience in professional services delivery related functions, with increasing responsibility for strategic development, programs, and functions

· Skills and knowledge in Corporate Finance, Public Relations, Marketing, and Technology Management

· Variety of industry experience, both as a specialist and generalist with experiences representative of membership make-up

· Excellent communication skills

· Ability to maintain confidentiality


· Starting Bonus: 100k Shares

· Round Success Bonus: 2MM Shares + $60,000 Bonus with $115,000 Base Salary

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: Up to $60.00 per hour

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