Here’s the announcement

MJBizDaily announces the launch of Hemp Industry Daily

MJBizDaily is excited to announce Hemp Industry Daily, the first publication to deliver objective and market driven coverage of the hemp industry.

Hemp Industry Daily examines the whole picture of how the Cannabis sativa plant has commercial applications, from the fiber fields in China and Romania, to the greenhouses and biotech labs.

“This is the first time since the 1930’s that hemp can legally be grown in the U.S., and so we are dedicating talented journalists and staff to bring in-depth analysis of market trends and conditions specific to hemp varieties of Cannabis sativa as well as detailed reports and data our readers have come to expect from us,” said Cassandra Farrington, CEO and co-founder of MJBizDaily.

They’ve also got a free report to reel you in

Hemp Report: Top 10 US States is a detailed analysis of the nation’s top 10 hemp-growing states along with charts showing exclusive market intelligence about a crop that is not currently tracked by any national regulatory agency.