As time moves forward we presume this will be a growing problem nationwide (pun not intended) and police departments will have to respond a sensible manner.

Here are some comments from the report – let’s hope there’s a similar approach elsewhere

“Departments in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Wasilla and Palmer all expressed a variation of the same duty, that property crime involving marijuana or indoor-grow equipment is not treated differently from any other similar theft. Because of the uniformity of the responses, it’s safe to assume the same goes for every department statewide, but if officials I didn’t speak to read this and wish to add additional comments or sign onto what was said by other departments here, I’ll update this column.

Investigator Dan Bennett, assigned as his department’s public information officer, said, “The Wasilla Police Department would treat such a crime no different than a legally owned TV or other legally owned property.” Bennett was speaking for his own department there, but his response there is representative of each department’s response when asked specifically about legally compliant home gardens.

Fairbanks Police Department spokesperson Officer Doug Welborn said the theft of a home grow would be no different than the theft of “carrots, plants or flowers.”

Referring to activity involving cannabis that may go beyond what’s allowed, Welborn made an analogy to a situation involving another sort of criminal, often stigmatized behavior: “I received an inquiry a while back about a known prostitute (acting in that capacity at the time) who was robbed. Even though that person may have been conducting illegal activity at the time, they are still a victim and the case would be investigated as any other robbery would be.”

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