Who knows.. if the NZ referendum plays out as hoped Australia may have to take the issue of cannabis regulation more seriously. With the current government it’s unlikely but maybe a horizon looms closer with the possibility of the Australian Labor party beginning to realise that this is actually an issue for an ever increasing percentage of the population

All members are invited to attend the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party annual general meeting at 2pm on Saturday, 21 November 2020 at the Town Hall, 45 Cullen Street, Nimbin.

Nominations must be received by the secretary at least one week before the meeting. A short bio and CV will help determine the suitability of nominees for an elected position on the executive committee.

The committee is re-elected each year and includes; Secretary, Treasurer, President, Vice President, Registered Officer and Deputy Registered Officer. Voting for office bearers will be by open ordinary ballot by those present at the meeting only.

3pm NSW HEMP Party annual general meeting.

Registration for state elections requires duplicating formalities. The same procedure applies for electing a NSW committee. Currently, there are no NSW office bearers. 



Please note:
Nimbin HEMP Embassy and MardiGrass Organising Body meetings begin at 11am NSW time.

Legalise Cannabis Qld

There are 23 candidates from the recently registered Party contesting the Queensland state election on Saturday, 31 October. Early voting has commenced. Please show your support if you can. www.legalisecannabisqld.org.au

Groom By-Election

HEMP intends to nominate a candidate for the federal electorate of Groom. Nominations close on Thursday, 5 November. The by-election is on Saturday, 28 November.

HEMP attracted 1.58% of the primary senate vote in Groom for the 2019 election. There are 35 HEMP Party members within the electorate, mostly in Toowoomba.

Please send an email via the website if you would like to help with the campaign for the Groom by-election.

Yours sincerely,
J. Kingsbury
HEMP Party