Alert: Department of Cannabis Control will be notifying the public about 3 regulation packages

June 17, the Department of Cannabis Control will be notifying the public about three different regulation packages. Expect to receive three separate emails about the following notices and instructions on how to submit public comments for each one:

  • Equity Fee Waiver and Deferral
  • Large Cultivation Licenses and Conversion to Large and Medium Cultivation Licenses
  • Standard Cannabinoids Test Method and Standardized Operating Procedures

A separate 45-day public comment period will open for each package and individuals wishing to comment on more than one regulation package will need to submit separate public comments for each package, which address the content in that specific package.

In the materials, DCC will provide suggestions for submitting a public comment, including how to reference the specific regulation you are commenting on. You can also read the DCC’s tips for submitting a public comment. It is recommended that you follow the suggestions to help ensure your comment is placed with the correct regulation package.

This is a crucial part of the rulemaking process! We welcome all of your feedback and want to make sure it’s logged correctly for review. Check your inbox Friday for these notices.

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