Alert: UCBA Wants Fair Cannabis Regulations In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is about to accept up to 1,600+ ,  Type 9 Non-Storefront Delivery licenses, with NO LIMIT on how many a single entity can own.  Did you know that the City has a limit on other license types:

  • Type 10 Storefront licenses (Limit 3)

  • Type 3A Medium Indoor Cultivation (Limit 3)

  • Management Companies (Variable limit over time)

Ownership Limits: 

  • Promote equitable distribution of licenses, preventing monopolies
  • Promote the distribution of wealth amongst a larger population of licensees
  • Promote the viability of small business operators to compete fairly in the nascent industry
  • Prevent predatory practices 

Imagine if PizzaHut was limited to 3 storefronts but Domino’s was able to own an unlimited amount of delivery hubs throughout the city?   Would that be fair?  Then why is it fair that the city would allow someone to own unlimited Type 9 Non-Storefront Delivery Licenses but limit all other license types to three?

Click the link below and tell LA City Council that you want fair cannabis regulations. 

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