All you need to know about pruning healthy cannabis


Cannabis is an exceptional plant. The admiration for cannabis has inspired people to grow it in their gardens. You need to nourish your cannabis plant from start to end to get maximum yield. To start off, you need to know the basics of marijuana pruning. You need to invest in your plants smartly to get the best results. Overdoing things might even ruin your plants. Here are some tips you need to know about marihuana pruning.

The right soil

The first and foremost important thing to be considered is the soil. It is the foundation on which your plant will stand, so it is of utmost importance. The soil must be organically rich. It should have water retention properties. The blend of minerals should be perfect. If the nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus are perfectly blended in the soil, it will give you good results. A good foundation, in this case, the soil, will be responsible for providing proper nutrients to your plant. If it is rich, your plant will prosper.

The perfect seed

The next most important thing to keep in mind is the seed. However good the soil is, if the seed is not healthy, you cannot expect a good yield. You can try at your nearest seeds depot, or you can order online. When choosing an online store, it is essential to select a depot that has a record of selling good seeds. You will surely get a healthy plant when the seed you select is good. If you want a particular strain, then you have to choose the seed carefully. The seed stores have many options, like the feminized seed variety pack. You can select the variety you want in your garden, and it will be delivered to your home.

Pruning is necessary

Not only the cannabis plant, but pruning is necessary for all types of plants. It is a very crucial step in the healthy growth of the plant. Pruning the plants will control the uneven growth. For plants like cannabis, this method results in higher yields. When the stem and leaves of the plant are pruned properly, they look tidy. Not only is the plant neat, but it has more nutrients for the plant. If the plant is left as it is, there is more area the nutrient has to reach. But if the stems are clipped, fewer leaves will have more nutrients. These nutrients will be absorbed better, and the resulting yield would be better and even higher in quantity.

Clipping and pruning allow the plant to focus more on healthifying the remaining leaves and producing new ones. So after buying your seeds from the seed depot, you have to put your love and effort into growing a healthy plant.

Benefits of pruning

  • The plant looks tidy, so you can space more plants in a particular area. If the plants grow in an orderly fashion, they will give better results in a limited space. You can place an optimum number of plants in the given area.
  • On pruning, the plant can focus more on the growth of its leaves and new buds.
  • The quality of the yield is better than it would be without pruning.
  • The resulting yields after pruning are much higher in quantity than they would have been without this process.


When and how?

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the time and the method. The time of pruning should be perfect for better results. Similarly, the way of pruning is also an essential factor in the better growth of the plant.

To answer when you should do it in the growing phase of the plant about two weeks into the phase. You must remember that the Indica plant’s growth rate is a bit slower than Sativa’s, so you need to wait another week for it. It should be done when you see the growth of several internodes in your plant.

To answer how you need to follow three critical steps. Before going into the act, you must make sure that the Clippers you use are correctly sanitized. For this, you can use rubbing alcohol and dip your clippers in it. You need to find out the new shoots that are growing on the plant. Next, you need to select the shoots that you need to cut from the plant. Cut them off with the help of your Clippers. And Voila! the pruning is done. See the seed you bought from the seeds depot reach its full potential.


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