Allay Consulting and The GMP Collective Combine Forces to Broaden Reach Across Cannabis, Hemp and Psychedelics

PORTLAND, Oregon—March 1, 2023—Regulatory compliance firms Allay Consulting and The GMP Collective are joining forces amid the rapid national growth of the cannabis, hemp and emerging psychedelics sectors, with a focus on current Goods Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) compliance. This partnership empowers Allay Consulting to leverage its expertise in hands-on business consulting with support of policy and standards experts from The GMP Collective.

Through this partnership, The GMP Collective will now have increased availability to focus on working with governments, standards bodies such as ASTM International and ancillary service providers to lead the development of a cohesive regulatory framework that will align the disjointed statutes of the cannabis and hemp industries, both domestically and internationally.

“It’s not often you find competitors that want to share space together, much less the same business. With Allay Consulting and The GMP Collective, it has been quite the opposite,” said Kim Stuck, Allay Consulting CEO. “Both companies are composed of great minds trying to make it a better place for cannabinoid and breakthrough psilocybin companies, and it just made sense to work together.”

Both firms have long shared similar missions, and now business leaders will have increased access to professionals who have deep expertise in the regulatory world paired with experience working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all levels of state and municipal governments. Allay Consulting will oversee operational compliance solutions, including cGMP adherence, with individual operators, and The GMP Collective will focus on harmonizing and increasing clarity on policy and regulations through consensus standards development. This enables strategic advising support for businesses to position themselves as industry leaders which is a core component of cGMP and operational compliance work that Allay Consulting is implementing.

“For those that know us, this should come as no surprise. Every interaction with the Allay Consulting team has always been a positive one,” said David Vaillencourt, President of The GMP Collective and Senior Quality Consultant. “Taking the next step in our relationship, collaborating more closely as industry thought leaders and watching businesses benefit through global harmonization of cannabis regulations is a game changing opportunity.”

When a company utilizes the services of Allay Consulting or The GMP Collective, they now have the backing of a deep roster of compliance experts. The increased strength of these teams through partnership allows better support for clients and these industries overall.


About Allay Consulting

Whether your business involves CBD, THC, derivative cannabinoids, or psychedelics, Allay Consulting serves these industries to ensure regulatory compliance across all operations. We work with cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, investors and other stakeholders across the U.S. to develop customized strategies and avoid compliance pitfalls. Drawing from years of experience working on the regulatory side of the equation, our team is well-versed in rulemaking lingo and best practices, from product and food safety, to cGMP and ISO certifications, to OSHA and due diligence audits. Comprehensive knowledge of evolving regulations and unwavering attention to detail are central to Allay Consulting. We put your compliance worries to bed so you can focus on your products and services. 


About The GMP Collective

The GMP Collective is a team of experts leading the hemp and cannabis industries through engagement with regulators, trade organizations, and standards development organizations like ASTM International. We specialize in building a unique ecosystem of subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds and a passion for cannabis products that provide our clients with unrivaled knowledge and success. We are problem solvers, scientists, engineers, business owners—all united by our mission to ensure the quality, compliance, and safety of products containing cannabinoids.

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