Allison Margolin Of CA Firm Margolin & Lawrence, Attorneys at Law Launches New Publication, Dark Matters Magazine, With Her Sister

Here’s their presss release………New publication, Dark Matters Magazine, covers the underbelly of what makes our world go round. From the crust of the earth to the cosmos of the universe, from Big Foot to Big Pharma, psychedelics to the supernatural, Dark Matters diving deep into the black hole of all that is subversive—sex, drugs, and aliens.



The magazine is the brain child of attorney and writer Allison Margolin, who’s collaborated with her sister Madison Margolin, as well as her co-publisher, legal partner at Margolin & Lawrence, Attorneys at Law, and longtime criminal defense, civil, and licensing attorney J. Raza Lawrence.

Allison has run a law practice for the past 18 years since graduating from Harvard Law School. She started her career in journalism at the age of 14, when she began writing for her high school newspaper. Since then, she edited her college daily paper’s editorial section (for the Columbia Daily Spectator), authored a column for the Harvard Law Record, and has maintained a blog and contributed frequently to national publications. Allison has written about drugs since age 12 when she both authored a term paper on the politics of the drug trade in Columbia, and a speech criticizing DARE propaganda.


Allison Margolin

In the mid and late ’90s, Allison wrote her thesis at Columbia on the politics of cannabis, drug legalization, and civil liberties; and authored her thesis for Harvard Law School “On the Right to Get High” in 2002. Since then she has contributed to local and national publications and recently signed a book deal with North Atlantic books to publish a memoir/history of the drug war. Just Dope is set for release the summer of 2022.

Madison is a New York/Los Angeles-based journalist on the cannabis and psychedelic beats, with a subspecialty covering Judaism and spirituality (and specifically, the overlap between Judaism and altered states). Her work has been published in Rolling Stone, Playboy, Vice, High Times, and other publications. She currently works as editorial director for DoubleBlind, a magazine about psychedelics that she co-founded in 2018.


Madison Margolin

Raza has been interested in and an advocate for civil liberties since a young age. He has lived all over the world, including in the Midwest US, Africa, and Pakistan. Raza has been interested in psychedelics since his teenage years. He interned at the Cato Institute and ACLU while in college, and was an associate at Munger, Tolles, and Olson after law school, before joining up with Allison in 2010. He received his BA in Physics and Philosophy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2000 and graduated from Harvard Law School in 2003. Raza clerked for a federal appeals Judge Morris Arnold after law school and helped research a landmark case written by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals protecting the rights of students from governmental searches.

Dark Matters will cover the politics of the land, sea, atmosphere, space, and everything in between, and underneath, including lizard people and psychedelic finance, as well as feature cartoonists and photographers. The publication aims to combine the interests of those who actively seek to make the planet a better place for themselves and others.

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