And Biden’s Transition Plan Doesn’t Include…. You Guessed It !

It starts !

Agreed the incoming administration has a lot on its plate, to put it mildly !

First, they have to waste time turfing you know who out and it looks as though that won’t be an easy task in itself.

But.. as Marijuana Moment point out in a lengthy article

Marijuana reform advocates have been looking for signs that an incoming president-elect Joe Biden will make good on his campaign pledge to pursue cannabis policy changes since the former vice president has been projected to win the election. But they didn’t get any such sign in a new racial equity plan his transition team has put forward.

While Biden emphasized on the campaign trail that cannabis decriminalization and expungements would be part of his racial justice agenda, the plan released over the weekend omits any specific mention of marijuana reform.

Many of the proposals are broadly described, however, and it’s possible that a policy like decriminalization could be folded into broader commitments to eliminate “racial disparities and ensuring fair sentences,” for example.

In any case, there’s been some skepticism on the part of advocates that Biden’s stated support for cannabis reform will be matched with administrative action. And although he and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have repeatedly promised to follow through with decriminalization and expungements if elected, that issue did not make the cut in the new “commitment to uplifting Black and Brown communities.”

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Marijuana Reform Omitted From Biden Transition Plan On Racial Equity Despite Campaign Pledges


Although we do think the ticket will rue the the day if they don’t engage in the discussion from the get go.

NORML aren’t wasting time talking about the issue of who will be the AG and if she or he will be the roght person for regulated cannabis



November 12, 2020

As America prepares for a shift in leadership, the incoming Administration’s pick for Attorney General will likely be one of the most consequential signals as to how the Biden-Harris Presidency will address marijuana policy reform.

So we’re sending President-elect Joe Biden a letter demanding a reform-minded AG and we want you to be a co-signer.

During the Trump Administration, two ardent drug-warriors — Jeff Sessions and William Barr — were appointed Attorney General. Under their leadership, the administration rescinded the policy guidance known as The Cole Memo, which had directed federal prosecutors not to interfere with state legalization efforts and those licensed to engage in the plant’s production and sale. More recently, in June, a prosecutor working for AG Barr said that the Justice Department is using burdensome antitrust probes to unnecessarily harass licensed cannabis businesses.

We cannot allow this sort of Reefer Madness to continue to flourish at the Department of Justice.

Co-sign our letter to President-Elect Biden demanding that the incoming administration appoint an Attorney General who will respect the will of the people and who will let states determine their own marijuana policies.

We have never been closer to ending the cruel policy of prohibition, but we cannot stop pushing now.

Thanks for standing with us in this fight,
Erik Altieri,
NORML Executive Director

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