And that’s the problem with the Australian cannabis sector – the dominant male mindset & culture ……. “Cann Group COO: ‘we need to put our “big boy pants on” and adopt a pharmaceutical mindset’

Actually there’s two things in that headline that illustrate why Australia has a long way to go

That it is all about industry and having a  “pharmaceutical mindset”


As for the “Big Boy Pants” comment where do we start in a week that sees the Australian parliament mired in allegations of rape by a liberal party staffer. We could say much more than that but i don’t have the time or inclination to be taken to court right now !


Here’s the Cannabiz article with a COO we suggest needs to start thinking about the language he uses

In the second part of an exclusive interview with Cannabiz, Cann Group chief operating officer Shane Duncan suggests the business will hit a rhythm in 2021 and says the industry must ‘put its big boy pants on’ to get products registered.

Cann Group COO: ‘we need to put our big boy pants on and adopt a pharmaceutical mindset’

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