Opinion isn’t really our field but the regularity of this “issue” popping up is way too high ( pun not intended)

The Denver Post reports yet again

Denver marijuana business Advanced Medical Alternatives is voluntarily recalling 133 individually packaged grams of cannabis concentrates because they contain potentially dangerous pesticides banned for use on pot plants in Colorado.

Some of AMA’s marijuana concentrates tested for extremely high levels of the banned pesticides, according to city officials; The Grape Dawg Shatter tested for more than 154 parts per million of myclobutanil, and the company’s Indica Blend Wax tested for 40 ppm of the same chemical, which is the active ingredient in Eagle 20 brand pesticides and is considered “slightly hazardous” by the World Health Organization and a “bad actor” by the Pesticide Action Network.

Full Story http://www.thecannabist.co/2015/12/03/advanced-medical-alternatives-recall-pot-concentrates-extracts-pesticides/44686/