Andrew Brady President Of The California Delivery Association Writes Op-Ed In The Sacramento Business Journal – Concerned With League of California Cities’ Lawsuit Re Home Delivered Cannabis

Brady writes…

As president of the California Delivery Association, I am deeply troubled by the League of California Cities’ lawsuit against the state of California to stop home deliveries of legal cannabis. While I don’t deliver cannabis, the CDA is following this case closely because it impacts every delivery company in the Golden State. And you should be tracking it too, because it has far-reaching and potentially very negative implications for all businesses.

The League’s complaint hangs on this fact: Today, under state law, licensed cannabis delivery businesses located in one jurisdiction can deliver products to individuals living in other jurisdictions. Seems straightforward, but the League has a problem with it. They assert that mayors and city councils should have the power to ban deliveries of legal cannabis products manufactured outside their local jurisdiction.

The League’s position flies in the face of an open economy and individual rights. Every day, delivery businesses of all types work around the clock to ensure the time-sensitive transportation of materials and products. This includes delivering the things Californians want and need to their doorsteps, something that’s especially important now when nobody wants to unnecessarily expose themselves to Covid-19.

Like it or not, cannabis is legal within the entire state of California. There are many regulations cannabis delivery companies must comply with when delivering marijuana, including verifying the individual’s age and identity. This makes sense because it’s important, as with alcohol and tobacco, that cannabis is never sold to minors. Beyond that, whatever your personal feelings are about marijuana, the right to get it delivered is well-established in California law. Allowing local jurisdictions to suddenly restrict a non-hazardous legal commodity infringes on our freedoms and opens the door for more overreach by local authorities.

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