Angermayer Publishes Video Saying It’s All Going To Be OK With ATAI

It looks like some of the sheen has gone off the golden boy !

His video comes with this preamble

atai Life Sciences Founder Christian Angermayer explains that all will be fine long term for atai Life Sciences, and that the latest news concerning less than favorable clinical results is part of the research process in biotech.

In addition, Angermayer explains that out of all of the companies he’s invested in, he feels most confident with atai Life Sciences.

Reason why is because of the hefty war chest they have for research, and also the current mental health landscape that is affecting people across the world.

To view and see more relevant content of the Trade To Black podcast, check out the following video:

0:004:55 Discussing atai Clinical Results

4:569:15 Understanding Results

9:1610:41 Higher Dosage Consideration

10:4211:36 Still Positive on Trial Results

11:3713:32 Clinical Pipeline Update

13:3317:41 Institutional Investor Questions

17:4221:03 Apeiron Buying Additional Shares?

21:0424:23 More Confident Than Ever

24:2426:55 Favorite Molecule

26:5628:15 Cathy Wood Liking atai

28:1631:35 Acquiring Companies

31:3632:38 Stock Market Sectors You Like

32:3933:42 Optimism For Industry

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Written by: Shadd Dales Special Thanks to Christian Angermayer, Chairman and Founder of atai Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATAI)

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