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Compass releases more data on COMP360 Phase 2b … and they rock

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Here are more details on COMPASS Pathway’s (NASDAQ: CMPS) Phase 2b trial, which confirm our very positive view of the resulting data! As of Monday, atai Life Sciences (NASDAQ: ATAI) has increased its ownership in Compass to 20.8%.

My personal view on the results in “layman’s words”:

  • COMP360 rocks. Just ONE single 25mg dose of it reduced patients’ depression by 6.6 MADRS points from baseline to week three (vs. 1 mg). The MADRS (Montgomery–Åsberg Depression Rating Scale) is a ten-item diagnostic questionnaire which psychiatrists use to measure the severity of depressive episodes in patients with mood disorders.
  • This, to my knowledge, is the largest antidepressant effect demonstrated in such a short period.

As points of comparison:

  • Most standard selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants are approved on the basis of just a 2-3 point reduction (vs. placebo) and can take many weeks to take effect, and – most importantly – really, really suck with respect to side effects…
  • Intranasal esketamine – which is directed to be taken regularly for achieving a therapeutic benefit – demonstrated just a 4 MADRS point reduction at 28 days in TRD (in third party studies). COMP360 was just a single dose…
  • Equally important, although harder to measure (but whoever legally took magic mushrooms in countries where they are legal already knows what I am talking about…): a psilocybin experience is often great, most times very meaningful. On the other hand, being numbed and ‘zombied out’ on SSRIs is not so great, to say the least…. So, it is NOT just about the effect itself, but the QUALITY of life around the treatment that has me personally so excited about the potential of COMP360.
  • Side effects appear to be minimal, as reported by COMPASS. Most side effects observed during the COMPASS study are actually the ones of TRD in general (!), meaning one could reasonably conclude that patients entered the study with those side effects already (versus resulting from the treatment itself).
  • A controlled study design is highly standardized and can’t by definition cater to the needs of individuals – which is actually especially important with mental health issues, which are IMO way more “holistic” than, for instance, a bacterial infection. Hence, I personally believe that the potential real-life impact of COMP360 for patients could be even more transformative.
  • TRD could be just the beginningCOMPASS already is exploring the potential of COMP360 across many more mental health conditions, or conditions wherein mental health is compromised. As COMPASS have stated publicly, they have trials underway in depression in cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder, and are also exploring numerous other potential indications including, anorexia nervosa, body dysmorphia, type 2 bipolar disorder depression, suicidal ideation, autism, etc.
  • Compass has a very solid business model, featuring both patent protection on their synthetic psilocybin as well as anticipated data exclusivity (IMO, often equally important and powerful as patents) on their indications of interest. Patents and intellectual property (IP) are IMO THE most important pillar of drug development, and psychedelic drugs are no exception. Patents foster innovation, and innovation benefits patients in need.

I personally cannot be happier to be a stakeholder!

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