Another Year Rolls Round And The Usual Jockeying For Political Position Over Cannabis Is In Overdrive In DC We’d Call It “Groundhog Day Cluster***kery”

Unfortunately for Marijuana Moment they have given themselves the soul destroying job of following and trying to make sense of which politician is at which oversight committee  and trying to place or remove words regarding cannabis issues in entirely unsuitable bills.

Links provided to their detailed reports below.

We absolutely commend them for their excellent reporting and I wish i had their patience.

Some in each house are trying to do good. I applaud Schumer, he won’t give up,  but as Harris Bricken law firm commented earlier in the week, really, at this stage of the game does anybody actually care anymore who says what in DC when it comes to cannabis.


How Important is the SAFE Banking Act, Anyway?


We are, I fear, destined to a state by state groundhog day of  idiocy as each state tries to out stupid the prior state to regulate.

I mean, come on NY, did you actually send people to California in 2019 with the specific brief to find out the most stupid way to deal with licensing and then ask them to come back and put the most idiotic policy they could find into action?

I digress and return us back to Washington DC.

The activities over cannabis suit the politicians, suit people like me who can write pointless commentary until the cows come home, suit many in support industries, tech, law, accountancy, policy, association organizers, the list is endless.

The only people losing out are small businesses who care about their product and of course the consumer who will soon be be fed the Tyson Foods/ Monsanto version of cannabis and be told it is the real thing.

The sooner that DC gets on with a proper bill and the 10 years of chaos ensuing from that,  the sooner my children and grandchildren can grow some plain and simple cannabis in the garden alongside the chard and tomatoes without fear of somebody telling them they can’t do that .

Schumer Aims To Bring Newly Revised Marijuana Banking Bill To The Floor ‘With All Due Speed’ After Next Week’s Committee Vote

Bipartisan Lawmakers Find ‘Sweet Spot’ For Marijuana Banking Bill, With Section Favored By GOP Kept ‘Intact’ For Committee Vote Next Week

GOP Committee Chairman Seeks To Scale Back Bill On Removing Federal Marijuana Employment Barriers Ahead Of This Week’s Vote

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