Antigua: Man fined $95K for weed and cocaine

Header Image: Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh 


A Dominican man who is said to be in the country illegally now owes the state a total of $95,000 for weed and cocaine found in his home here in Antigua.

Albert Baker’s Bathlodge home was searched by police who were armed with a warrant on March 16.

They found two Ziplock bags of cannabis under the washbasin in the bathroom and a parcel of cocaine on top of a closet in a bedroom.

Baker was originally charged alongside his partner back in March but he took the blame for possessing all of the illegal substances.

The weed which weighed 500 grams carries an estimated street value of $4,800 while the 1,059 grams of cocaine are said to be worth $38,124.

When Baker reappeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday, he was fined $15,000 for the marijuana and was told that he would face a year in prison if that money is not paid.

In addition, he has to pay $80,000 for the cocaine or spend 18 months behind bars.

All of the monies must be paid by the end of October or Baker will he hauled off to prison to serve the sentences concurrently.

He was also ordered to sign in with the authorities three days a week since he does not have legal status in the country. After fulfilling his sentence he will be handed over to immigration.

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