Approved industrial hemp licences double in South Australia

The Border Chronicle reports…

A fourth season of industrial hemp trials will go ahead in the South East as the industry continues to grow momentum with approved licences doubling since the crop’s 2018 introduction.

South Australia now has 21 approved licences for industrial hemp, up from 10 in October 2018, as the latest trial report reaffirms the crop continues to grow very successfully in local conditions.

Over three seasons the trials have compared 14 different industrial hemp varieties, sown across a range of different times from late October to mid-January.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said the steady growth and interest in growing industrial hemp is another opportunity to diversify agriculture.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is investing in a fourth season of industrial hemp trials in 2020/21 because we believe this is an industry with real economic potential for South Australia,” Minister Basham said.

“The local industrial hemp sector is continuing to grow and it is anticipated it could have a farmgate value of $3 million within five years which will help create local jobs.

“To date there have been approval of 19 cultivation licences and two processing licences for industrial hemp in South Australia which shows the high level of interest in the local industry.

“This is double the amount of approved licences at the same time in 2018.”

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