Arcview Publish New Report: “The Tasty Future of Cannabis Edibles”

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Extract from, “The Tasty Future of Cannabis Edibles” Arcview Market Research & BDS Analytics, 2018

The edibles market is up for grabs. We’re already seeing mainstream beverage companies scrambling to take advantage of part of this significant opportunity.

Coca-Cola is said to be in serious talks with Aurora Cannabis to develop CBD infused drinks.

Molson Coors is developing cannabis-infused beverages with the Hydropothecary Corporation.

Diageo is rumored to be in talks with several Canadian cannabis companies.

And Constellation Brands recently paid $4 billion to up its stake in Canopy Growth.

But the party for edibles has only just begun.

You can see how beverages make up just 6-7% of the overall edibles market in Colorado:

Extract from, “The Tasty Future of Cannabis Edibles” Arcview Market Research & BDS Analytics, 2018

And when you consider that the investments made so far by these beverage companies, touches primarily the beverages sub category, then you start to get a sense of the magnitude of the overall edibles market.

In Colorado, for example, edibles outpaced the overall cannabis growth rate, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 35% between 2014 and 2018.

Flower sales by comparison, lagged at 17% CAGR, over the same period.

The trends we see in Colorado are not unique. Consumers in other U.S. states are also purchasing products higher up in the value chain, notably concentrates and edibles.

All this to say, the edibles niche represents a vast opportunity for companies and investors, interested in the edibles market.

If you are interested in digging deeper into this niche, either as –

an investor, wanting to know more about edibles or to validate due diligence information, or

as a cannabis company, determining what markets to enter, product range and other critical requirements,

then you will find, “The Tasty Future of Cannabis Edibles,” a new sector research report compiled by Arcview and BDS Analytics, essential reading.

The report provides you with:

  • Expert analysis based on actual cannabis retail sales data, including how the edibles market is likely to evolve over the coming years.
  • A breakdown of market dynamics, comparing medical and adult use edibles where legal, in the key U.S. states of Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona.
  • Forecasts for the California edibles market – the most significant legal cannabis market in the U.S. and globally.
  • Commentary on why certain edibles are better suited to particular markets.
  • Details of extraction methods and how this impacts the speed of production, cost, and product quality.
  • Edible pricing trends, showing specific consumable categories increasing by as much as 28% between 2014 and 2018.
  • A discussion of how branding impacts revenue and market share and the names and locations of the notable edible brands.
  • An evaluation of the relationship between regulation, branding and packaging and the cost impact. 
  • An explanation of packaging regulations in the U.S. and Canada, particularly regarding child proofing.

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