Arcview Publish Report: China A Rising CBD Superpower

All we’ll say is expect a lot of product that when tested won’t meet standards. There are a lot of companies and consumers that will end up being spun in the washing machine on Chinese CBD product

Here’s their blurb

In a first-of-its-kind, 50-page research report, we provided an in-depth look at China’s emerging CBD industry. Global CBD brands are making their way to China, where 1.4 billion consumers are just waking up to the benefits of CBD. And China is a hemp growing powerhouse, producing over half of the world’s output, historically for fiber and food. Increasingly, China’s output is funneled into the cannabinoid supply chain- a supply chain that’s globalizing faster than anyone might have predicted just a few short years ago.

As the impact of China’s liberalization of CBD regulations reverberates through the global hemp industry, regulatory changes in the US are also directly impacting China’s emerging CBD industry.

Learn how regulatory changes in the US have opened the door for China to meet growing US demand in a special addendum prepared by Tomas Ortiz of global law firm Zuber Lawler. If you have a stake in the development of the global hemp industry, whether it be as an investor, cultivator, producer, or consumer brand, you will want to check out the newly updated China: A Rising CBD Superpower.

Download the report, and view the accompanying webinar, at

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