Are dab pens safe for beginners- a complete guide

You all are aware that over the years the medical health has been threatened by extreme smoking events, where the leading cause of every single disease is the high concentration of nicotine in the blood. Though in the beginning, smoking the cigarettes or other nicotine tubes seems to be relaxing and as an escapade from the stress, as the number of cigarettes increase, there is a relevant rise in the number of health problems. The concerned doctors couldn’t help but worry about the growing cases of lung cancer, oral cancer, stress, and so on.

It wasn’t until some recent years that the doctors and even the smokers have started to live in a fear-free world, where they can continue with the smoking habits but avoiding the harmful effects.

The question is, HOW?

You see, with the advent in technology, there has been an advancement in medical science also. One of these newest technologies that are helping the doctors is the vape pen. What’s that?

It is a pen-like structure which will give out vapors having a bit of nicotine, not too much to harm you, as it ensures to reduce your dependency on the cigarettes. Vaping has gained immense popularity, thanks to the safe sides of the process. All over the world, smokers, be it beginners or the pros are thanking the companies that are selling the vape pens or should we say, the e-cigarettes.

Now, as far as a beginner is concerned, everyone needs to know all about a vape pen, whether it is safe or not, and whether there are any health benefits or not.

Question 1: what is the working mechanism of a vape pen?

To understand the working mechanism of the vape pens, you need to understand the way it is manufactured and the role of each part of the pen. Upon dismantling, you can segregate the entire thing into the following parts, each of them having different functions:

  • Atomizer

This is the part where you can see the liquid, specifically the cannabis oil in most of the cases, being transformed into vapors. The heating coil inside the atomizer heats the oil to a temperature where it turns into vapors. These vapors are what you will take in, instead of the first smoke.

  • Sensors

The sensor is the switch part of the vape pen, which, when pushed, will signal the atomizer to start heating the liquid. This particular is software coded, the layering and complexity of which depend on the type of pen you are using and the manufacturer.

  • Batteries

You don’t use the fire to heat the atomizer. The heating coil draws power from the inbuilt battery, one which you will have to charge. A lithium-ion cell is used for energy.

  • Cartridge or a tank

Just like the name sounds, the tank or the cartridge holds the cannabis liquid for supplying it to the atomizer. Now, a cartridge cannot be refilled, but on the other hand, a tank is refillable.

Question 2: what are the few terms you need to be familiar with?

Before you go to a shop, you need to train yourself about some of the essential terms related to the vape pens and the overall vaping process.

  • Adjustable airflow: the atomizer needs a flexible mechanism which will control the airflow to the atomizer.
  • Cartomizer: these are combined cartridges with the atomizer, thus making the vape pens more compact.
  • Dripping: this is the condition where you need to manually control the drip rate of the liquid into the atomizer, thus exercising the ultimate control.
  • Sub Ohm Vaping: this means to have an atomizer with a resistance much lower that one ohm. With such a low resistance, the flow rate of the vapor is highly increased.

Question 3: what should be the necessary approach to vaping for beginners?

For a beginner, it is really difficult to understand the fundamental difference between vaping and smoking. So, before buying, you need to learn the appropriate etiquettes, which will help you to get accustomed to the technology.

  • While being at your own home or in a crowded place, follow your instincts and take the vapes.
  • Do not, and by this we mean, an absolute no to vaping in an enclosed area like cars, theaters, restaurants, and even a conference hall. Closed space will lead to the accumulation of the vapors, which isn’t always welcomed by others.
  • Do not vape in front of the children and the pets because for the former, there are unknown health risks, while for the latter, nicotine is very much deadly.

Question 4: what to expect from vaping?

Now, coming to the part of expectations, you need first to learn what you can expect from vaping because it is very much different from regular smoking.

  1. The effects on your health will be on the right sides, as compared to the impact of tobacco.
  2. Most of the vape pens come with flavors, which you can quickly get at Big Daddy Somoke.
  3. Another issue is that of maintenance, which is very much essential for keeping the vape pens active for longer times.
  4. Using the vape pens is a way to save more money, because they not only last long but also reduces the extra surcharges spend behind treating the health ailments.


So, after much discussion, it can be concluded that vape pens are very much safer for beginners. However, yes, they will have to learn how to use them and how to get the maximum ‘high’ effect properly.

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