Are Hemp Oil And CBD Oil Different Products?

 First things first, CBD oil and Hemp oil are two products obtained from the same plant.

Although we tend to use their names interchangeably, they are NOT the same. Hemp oil is, in fact, quite different from CBD oil.

These two products are confused very often with each other because both are used extensively in beauty products. However, when it comes to legality – hemp oil has already received its legal validity. But CBD has been legalized only in some federal states recently; not all states accept CBD as a legal component to be used in any product. You can find out which states deem CBD legit and the legal status of hemp oil, too, as well as which states allow the use of out-of-state medical marijuana cards.

Now coming to the differences between CBD oil and hemp oil, here are some things that you would like to know –

  • Both CBD oil and hemp oil are derived from the same plant that is Cannabis Sativa. But they are extracted from different parts of the plant. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds, and this causes it to have low levels of cannabinoids, unlike CBD and THC. CBD oil is a concentrated form of CBD. Hence, the presence of cannabinoids is high. CBD oil is extracted from various parts of the plant like the stalk, the flowers, or the leaves. It doesn’t cause the typical high associated with cannabis but, CBD is well known for its healing properties and relaxing effects.
  • Hemp oil is very rich in fatty acids, and these acids have a positive effect on the heart and reduce the signs of aging. The second property makes it a great candidate for skin creams and lotions. The skin remains hydrated, and skin elasticity improves when a skincare product has hemp oil in it. CBD oil is also great in this context. However, it is also better for other uses like relaxing the brain, improving the quality of sleep, reducing pain and inflammations, etc.

Hemp oil finds its uses in various products beyond just skin creams, such as it is used in numerous cooking oils, salad dressings, skin and hair care products, and more. The oil is quite similar to THC that is another cannabinoid found in marijuana. CBD oil can be smoked or vaped. It can also be added to food products or directly consumed orally.

  • There has not been extensive research on the full-proof benefits that can be expected from CBD oil. Statistically, we know that CBD is associated with several uses like reducing pain and inflammation, improving mood, reducing anxiety, etc.

It is worth noting here that these two products are indeed quite different in many aspects. Apart from this, the legal status of the two products is also a matter of concern in some states. Both hemp oil and CBD oil have many positive qualities. The legal acceptance of CBD has increased widely, and over time we will find more products made of CBD oil that will take the health sector by storm.

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